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Best Story Ever

As I finally woke up, I couldn’t open my eyes for five minutes. My head was splitting and every
inch of my body was aching. Even though I heard nothing, it seemed as if there was an
enormous Slipknot gig inside my head – the sound of my heart pumping was awfully loud.
When I managed to open my eyes and lift my head, a wave of pain washed over me and it took
me a minute not to lose the connection with the reality.
I struggled to realize where I was but I couldn’t. I found myself in a completely unfamiliar
room. Its walls were painted in bright pink and the floor was covered with a strange soft brown
material that felt like a cardboard. There was a huge double bed I was sleeping on, a big closed
wardrobe on the opposite side of the room and a make-up table that had no cosmetics and
toiletries on it. I also noticed a door near the closet, so I decided to explore what's behind it.
There was nothing except some more deserted rooms. Later I felt really disoriented as I was
walking around in a giant pink and red colored house. Although the interior rang a bell, I
couldn’t remember anything. It wasn’t even possible to look through the windows because it
was completely dark outside, like the building was wrapped in a thick black cloth.
I always dreamt about living in a luxurious house, full of “girlie” stuff like fluffy carpets, tons
of brand-new clothes and accessories and my own domestic servants who would be in the firing
line if any kind of trouble happened. I wished to be a queen in my own house and have no
limits. At one point in time I just started envying those people who live in this mysteriously
empty building. However, I felt a bit afraid of being there alone, so I made up my mind to go
outside and find someone nearby.
I went to the front door and grabbed the door handle. I pushed it but the door wouldn’t open. I
tried once more but with no result. It made my blood run cold. Suddenly I heard someone’s
steps behind me and I turned around and froze. There was a tall and slim young man with fair
hair standing right in front of me within two meters. He was smirking evilly and looking deeply
into my eyes. I was so petrified I couldn’t move but he wasn’t approaching me either, he wasn’t
even breathing! When I took a closer look at him, I realized it was Ken, a good old doll Ken I
got for a present last month. I asked him why he was there, but he wouldn’t answer, just kept
smiling. When I tried to go around him, he turned his head sharply. When I made a step, he
followed me like a robot, without bending his arms and legs. Then I realized that I have to get
rid of him. I ran to the living room and I noticed a huge pile of toys that wasn’t there before. All
of a sudden, all the doors in the room opened and my human-sized Barbie dolls started slowly
entering, gazing unblinkingly at me. I was scared stiff and couldn’t run away because there was
no exit possible, I was like a lonely soldier surrounded by hundreds of enemies. I saw them
coming closer and crouched. I started crying, my heart was beating fast as if I was a wild animal
escaping from a starving predator. And when I felt someone touching my shoulder, I screamed
at the top of my lungs and opened my eyes.
I saw my room. My untidy but yet lovely and cozy room. I could see the sun trying to peek out
from behind the curtains. I lifted my head and I saw my mom looking at me with anxiety. She
said I was crying and made her feel concerned. I said I didn’t remember anything when I
suddenly saw that house. It was my Barbie's plastic house I had been playing with for more than
a year. Then I realized – this night I was trapped inside my own dollhouse!
I guess I shouldn’t have watched “Curse of Chucky” before going to bed.