Sundiata Questions pp. 47 58 PDF

Questions for pp. 47-59
Answer these questions to show your knowledge of the story. Always
use your own words. This assignment is worth 19 points.
1. Where is Sundiata getting soldiers for his army? Identify all the
sources. (Literal) (3 points)
2. Who leads Soumaoro’s army at the battle of Tabon? (L) (1)
3. Who wins the battle of Tabon? (L) (1)
4. Who wins the battle of Negueboria? (L) (1)
5. What happens to Soumaoro toward the conclusion of the battle of
Negueboria? (L) (1)
6. What causes Sundiata to lose sleep after the battle of Negueboria?
(Inferential) (2)
7. Who wins the battle of Kankigne? (L) (1)
8. Why does Sundiata make animal sacrifices? (I) (1)
9. What important knowledge does Sundiata receive from Nana Triban
and Balla Fasseke? (I) (3)
10. What myth-like elements appear in these sections? Identify 3, and
explain why they are myth-like. (Critical) (5)