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Politics and Citizenship Assignment

Politics and Citizenship
Jigarbhai Patel
Student number - 201900762
Canadian Government
Professor Alex Davis
Date 01/13/2020
Right now, in India there is great debate of Citizenship amendment bill which allows refugees from 3 Islamic countries
to get Indian Citizenship, but it has catch that only non-Muslim of those countries can use this facility. The purpose of
this bill it to give safe passage to people of this countries who faced religious prosecution. There was more than 22%
Non-Muslims in Pakistan right now it reduced to less than 4% and same happened in Bangladesh and Afghanistan. But
this bill is opposed by opposition parties by giving reason of religious discrimination for Muslims and they are spreading
false information that this bill will end the citizenship of Indian Muslims. Many left-wing parties approached their
student wings of many colleges to protest and they turned this into violent protest. They burned many buses and
government buildings. When police retaliated, they played victim cards that government punished student on the harsh
way. Many University didn’t able to resume studies as politically motivated student bodies pushed strike and protest all
over the institution. Even new student who tried to register for new semester had been attacked by these protesters. In
retaliation government supporting student bodies attacked them. Since this drama is going on studies of the student
who has nonpolitical views suffer a lot.
Sometimes bigger democracies like USA manipulates smaller democracies and establishes puppet government which
works as they say. India suffered too much after independence as people from outside took so much interest in running
Indian government. After independence India faced too much interference from foreign agencies. Because of this India
could not control its population. There were many tries from outsiders to form puppet government in India, but they
failed as there was so called democracy, but a dynasty run government was in power. Which worked for themselves not
for people of India or Outside agencies.
In India there is two fronts One is ultra-right-wing parties led by BJP and second is medium-left wing parties led by Indian
National Congress. Since 1990’s INC run by a foreign national named Sonia Gandhi. Who is Italian by birth and wife of
former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and daughter in law of another former prime minister Indira Gandhi. KGB a Russian
spy agency planted her to marry dynast prince of INC party so they can get favors from her when they need it.
Until 1998 when first time A right wing party came into power in India under leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He was
great orator and influencer. But soon the INC came back into power in 2003 with support of small regional parties. India
Suffered a lot between two terms of this government of UPA alliance led by INC. There were more than 100 billion-dollar
scams in regime of this government. After 10 years of corrupt government, Right wing parties came to power again
under leadership of Narendra Modi the heir of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He pulled out hard decision like Demonetization
which banned big currency notes and brought black money stored by corrupt Politian back into economy. Still many of
the politician stored their black money into offshore accounts. He also abolished unnecessary laws made by Britishers.
Under his leadership Ease of doing business increased by leaps and bounds.
Politics is as ancient as human civilization. Every King and thrown faced huge up lifts because of local politics after
monarchies died democracies bloomed in many regions of the world. Here I want to talk about ancient politics between
two king makers of India who had role as Rishis. The Vishvamitra and The Vashishtha two rivals who established two
different type of state. Vishvamitra established Fascist state where everyone follows rules established by one person.
Vashistha created anarchist state where everyone is self-disciplined. One day vishvamitra was returning from war and he
passed through vashistha’s state and vishvamitra invited him and his army to stay there for few days. Here vishvamitra
noticed one thing that everything arranged by citizen of the Vashistha’s state without getting order from any kind of
superior body. Every person of the state followed rules by themselves and there was not any governing body to manage
the state. Vishvamitra felt very sad about this and asked Vashishtha to lend him citizens for his state but Vashistha
denied this. After leaving vashistha’s state vishvamitra decided to attack him but he lost the war because Vashistha’s
army fought war for themselves and not for their king or superior. This made Vishvamitra more furious.
The point of the story above is that anarchy can be successful if it is implemented rightly. In modern days democracy can
be converted into half anarchy state if it is purely democracy. If people choose right person as their leader by
transparent process of election. Thus, it’s state which run by government from the people by the people and for the