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BA 3339 IMC Analysis

BA 3339
Integrated Marketing Communications Analysis
Assignment Value: 15%
Due In Class (hard copy format): February 5, 2020
Pick out a major consumer-oriented brand (national or international) with a robust marketing
program that includes multiple channels such as TV ads, online ads, social media marketing –
organic or paid, influencer marketing, sponsorship, public relations, sales promotion and so
forth. You should pick a brand that uses at least 3 or 4 different channels.
In this assignment, you are writing a memo to your boss. She is the Chief Marketing Officer
(CMO) for a major private sector company that competes with the brand you selected (For
example, if you are analyzing Coca Cola, you would be working at Pepsi). In this 3 to 4-page
memo (single spacing), you will analyze the integrated marketing communications efforts of the
brand you have selected, specifically considering:
Positioning – how is the brand positioned in the market? What are its brand values? Who does
its target audience appear to be? How are they differentiated from their competitors – brand,
price, utility?
Audiences – who are they targeting? Describe the demographic and psychographic
considerations in the audience. How does the audience use the product or service? What
emotional response does the brand’s marketing trigger?
Strategic Approach – describe the brand’s strategic approach to marketing. What channels are
they using? Which channels are the priority? How effective are they in those channels? How
does their strategy compare to their competitors? How do they appear to allocate budgets?
What is their creative philosophy?
Tactics – describe the brand’s excecution of their strategy. What do they do well? What do they
do poorly? Support your conclusions with facts. Compare their social following with their
primary competitors, use tools like alexa.com to measure how traffic to their website (or sites)
compare to their peers.
Your memo should include a conclusion that summarizes your analysis of the efficacy of this
brand’s marketing efforts. You will be graded on the strength of your analysis and the depth
you bring to this assignment.
Again, this is a business memo, not an academic paper. Ensure you format it as a business
memo. If you use a fact drawn from a source, note the source in the body of the memo.