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Central Dogma scavenger hunt

Central Dogma Scavenger Hunt
Look in chapter 13 (starts on page 362) for the following information (write which page you
found the answer on):
1. RNA is an acronym for ____
2. Find three differences in the ​structure​ of DNA and RNA
3. What are the three types of RNA? Describe them (you can draw them)
4. What are the monomers of DNA, RNA, protein?
5. DNA has the instructions for what? Be specific.
6. Where is DNA located?
7. What does the word synthesis mean?
8. Where does protein synthesis happen?
9. What is the goal of transcription?
10. Describe the major steps of transcription (you can draw)
11. Write the mRNA sequence for the following DNA sequence: TACAAATCGCGGATG
12. What are codons?
13. Where can you find the meaning of the codons?
14. What do you notice about the genetic code?
15. Describe the steps of translation
16. Translate the following mRNA into amino acids: AUGUUUAGCGCCUAC