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Sponsorship letter

Giving children from Belarus life-prolonging respite & restore hope
Friends of Chernobyl’s Children Herts & Cambs
Charity Number: 1113197
The Maltings Barn
Royston Road
We are Friends of Chernobyl’s Children Herts & Cambs, a new branch of a national registered
charity, Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (foccorg.uk), right on your doorstep and we are desperately
needing your support.
Our new group consists of volunteers, mostly made up of families from Royston and the surrounding
villages. We have one mission: to find funding (and other help), in order to bring a group of children
over to the UK from Belarus, for life-prolonging respite and restore hope and joy in their lives.
These children, their families and their communities, are victims of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear
disaster, as they continue to suffer after the effects, whilst living in poverty-stricken Belarus.
14 children, aged between 7 and 8 years old, have been carefully selected from the most desperate
circumstances, (such as no running water, no toilets and empty fridges), to join us, for a month in a
5-year respite programme. They will fly (for the first time ever), to the UK this June 2020 and stay
with local host families in the Royston area. During their stay, the children will receive
recuperative healthcare, such as appointments with opticians and dentists, vital vitamin supplies,
English lessons, clothes, shoes and toys. The children will also have many new, fun experiences from
the many pre-planned activities, such as their first ever daytrip to the seaside!
But we cannot do this without your help…..
How you can help our charity and the children
There are so many ways in which you, or your organisation can help FOCC Herts & Cambs, the 14
children and their families. Here are some ideas:
Sponsorship – sponsor a child and help to fund their visit, which includes
their air fares. You can sponsor a child for £500.
Organise a fundraising event – host a coffee morning, quiz night, or other event to raise
funds for other items for their visit and when they return home.
Volunteer– we are looking for chaperones and drivers to help with our planned days out
Giving children from Belarus life-prolonging respite & restore hope
Donate – any products, services or activities that you can offer will help us. Whether it be to
help us to fundraise, pay for necessary items, OR provide an amazing experience for the
children while they are here.
Clothing items & seeds – new or used clothing (in excellent condition) will be very welcome
to give to a child and their family. Particularly warm
Seed packets - Food is so expensive in Belarus, so
families try to grow their own food.
Packets of seeds are like gold to them.
Attend our events – we have several fundraising events planned in our calendar this year.
Please check out our Facebook page for information.
How can I make a difference?
£500 will sponsor a child’s visit to the UK, to stay with their host family, pay for two translators,
consume lots of healthy, non-contaminated food and drink, enjoy many fun experiences, receive
donations of clothing, toys, books and take home items for the family, including seeds.
£50 will buy school shoes & uniform
£40 will buy a warm jacket & boots
£30 will pay for a child to see the sea
£20 will buy vitamins for a year
£10 will buy pyjamas
We’d love to hear from you
If you think you can help us, please contact us:
Focc.herts@gmail.com or call our Coordinator:
Danielle Hall, on 07850 138829