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Looks Good Enough to Eat?
Go to http://thewvsr.com/adsvsreality.htm. After the class discussion, Look up three
other restaurants and find digital photos of meals ordered and make a comparison chart
on this document. How did the restaurant rate in their advertisement compared to
Post electronic photos here and write about your findings.
This is a pie from McDonald’s this pie is made a raspberries and as you can see the real one
does not contain actual raspberries inside of it
FN41 Food and Nutrition I
Summer 2018
Coming from someone who actually works at burger king this is truly not what the whopper
looks like in person or in an ad
Most food are not what you expect them to be in real life but this one is not even close
taco bell like any other place uses fake methods to make there ads look perfect
FN41 Food and Nutrition I
Summer 2018