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Human Rights Presentation

Art 224
Osama Saleem
Professor Hashim Al-Tawil
Human Rights Presentation
Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein is an advocate for human rights, and he is appointed as a high
commissioner in the United Nations. The human right council consists of 46 states. The United
Nations is an international organization, which was formed by 51 countries after the Second
World War. The organization acts to maintain international peace and security, as well as
establishing friendly relations between the countries. It also prevents nuclear arms from reaching
into wrong hands. The organization promotes the rights of minorities, raw political power, and
human rights. However, is the human rights council a weak or a strong force? At the moment the
human rights council is a weak force, as it’s not talk about more often. Most universities don’t
even have a human rights department. Furthermore, there is evidence of the fact that most
countries try avoid joining or advocating for the council. This is mainly done by countries to
keep strong ties between them, and avoid risking their funding being taken away from them.
There are several main threats to the organization. From countries such as China and Russia,
who discriminate and suppress human rights, as they don’t want to be constrained by authorities
outside their countries. They get away with it, as most countries have strong ties with them
respectfully. Most countries obtain their architecture from China, and would not endanger their
agreement by siding with the human rights council unfortunately. The organization also faces
threats from demagogues (Such as Putin, Trump, Mohammad Bin Salman, etc) , who use their
political power against human rights . Demagogues believed racial superiority would benefit
them, which in fact will lead to catastrophic results. Other threats include from religious
extremists, white supremacists, conservations (social and religious).
Why do we need Law?
Without law, most nations are too unreliable on their own, and not trust worthy. Law is a very
essential part of maintaining balance between societies.
The Islamic world did very little effort to address the ideology of takfirism after 9/11. The
Islamic world should have taken a stand, and protect its countries by addressing the ideology
across the western countries. Unfortunately, this did not happen, and most victims of takfirism
were actually muslims. The military actiong by US did not help as well.
Art 224
Osama Saleem
Professor Hashim Al-Tawil
So how can the United Nations and we solve these threats and problems that human rights face?
By less preaching and being more humble. We require a strong leadership that stands for human
rights. In addition to these points, we also need to remember that we can’t rely too much on
technology. By acting against moral and racial superiority ideologies as previously they have
already lead to World Wars. The UN is a reflection of how the World supports human rights, and
goes against countries that discriminate and suppress human rights.