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Data Analysis Assignment Help
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Data Analysis
Data analysis being the new upcoming field in every industry refers to the process
and techniques through which the available information and data are read,
manipulated and analysed for planning the future ventures and strategies of the
company. Data analysis is not only part of engineering, but also shows its
importance in social science as well.
Methods To Do Data Analysis
There are two types of methods to analyse the data or information:
• Qualitative research method - here, the data is not analysed based on numbers but
certain characteristics or features.
• Quantitative research method - here, the main focus goes into analysing and
manipulating numbers.
Main Branches Of Data Analysis
Data analysis is divided into certain branches like:
• Descriptive analysis under which the situations are defined as per the
requirement of the organisation and the available data
• The diagnostic analysis is the one under which the cause to a particular event
or situation is found
• Predictive analysis refers to forecasting the probability of an event to occur
• Prescriptive analysis refers to the solution to the event that takes place
Assignment Questions Under Data Analysis
There are a variety of assignment titles that the students usually come across while
pursuing the course code of data analysis:
Sample size
Experimental design
Variance analysis
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