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chapter 6 retest probs

*Properties of Logarithm
*Logarithmic Equations
*Finding the Inverses of Logarithms
*Exponential Functions Not Requiring Logarithms
*Solving Exponential Equations with Logarithms
C. Fall came early in Piney Orchard, and the community swimming pool was still full when the first frost
froze the leaves. The outside temperature hovered at 30º. Maintenance quickly turned off the heat so that
energy would not be wasted heating a pool that nobody would be swimming in for at least six months. As
Tess walked by the pool each day on her way to school, she would peer through the fence at the slowly
cooling pool. She could just make out the thermometer across the deck that displayed the water’s
temperature. On the first day, she noted that the water temperature was 68º. Four days later, the temperature
reading was 58º. Write an equation that models this data. If the outside temperature remains at 30º, and the
pool is allowed to cool, how long before it freezes?
*Graphing Logarithms
*Graphing Exponential Functions
*Rational Exponent Equations
*Exponential Growth/ Decay
*Systems of 3 Equations