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A New Standard Model

A New Standard Model and Theory as Building
Blocks of a New Holoscience
Manuel Angel Hernandez*1
(International University of Ecuador – Loja)
This is the first of a series of research papers comprising a new Holoscience, which provides
a deeper insight to open new fields of knowledge and scientific research to develop the new
eco-technologies and industries named Novatechna. Decades of research allows us to reach
the new levels of scientific knowledge to: 1- Establish inner systems beneath the current
standard model and the quantum reality. 2- Discover larger cosmic structures beyond the
parallel universes. 3- Research and develop new technologies based on quantum mental
programming of matter. 4- Determine a new infinitesimal element from which all what exists
is made of. 5- Re-classify all the levels of knowledge and science, together with the auxiliary
sciences of the new Holoscience. 6- Accelerate the knowledge production to an
unprecedented speed and amount. All this has been achieved with the application of new
principles, laws and systems of the new Cosmogonic Cybernetic Holoscience.
Keywords: Code, Supercode, Cosmocybernetics, Psychocosmia, Multiversalism.
1. Introduction
This paper is the result of decades of study, analysis, comparison, contrast, observation,
experimentation and dedication to research and discover a more global, universal and
multiversal standard model (Baer, 2009) of elemental particles and a multilevel method of
scientific research (EUROPEAN COMMISSION, 2007) with a modern axiological system
(Kupperman, 1996) of technological application of all sciences, technologies and levels of
knowledge (Talbott, 2005). All this comprised in a higher system of sciences, philosophies
and epistemological studies, which can be named as the new Cosmogonic Cybernetic
Holoscience - CCH.
The main goal of this first research paper, of the CCH series, is to provide the scientific
community with a new model of the most basic building blocks (Arias et al., 2015) of the ALL,
which is worth of scientific research, this without destroying or superseding the current
Standard Model - SM, but instead going deep beyond toward the discovery of the most
elemental codes (Michael et al., 2016) of the All Being.
The discovery of the most profound secrets of nature; the recognition of the tiniest particles
of the many universes (Baker, 2003); and, the understanding of the basic codes of the infinite
multiverses (Donoghue, 2016) that form the Absolute Expansive All - AEA is neither a
question of a set of classic sciences nor of all the newly emerging quantum sciences only,
but it is a question of an equally absolute expansive Holoscience, which is the new CCH.
Also, all of it demands much more than just a standardized lineal process of scientific
research, but a multidimensional, multi-lineal and multipolar process of contrast and
management of a highly complex set of dynamic variables (Stanton, Pearson, Horning, Ersts,
& Reşit Akçakaya, 2011).
This first paper, comprising the CCH, introduces the basic building blocks of the All Being
and of the AEA, which we will recognize as the Motion Codes, from which a new model
Manuel A. Hernández R. E-mail addresses: mahernandezro@internacional.edu.ec / uide2017@gmail.com
emerges to form the first cluster of Supercodes or Code Systems. Within this model, even
the Bosons (and the Higgs Boson) (Tomchenko, 2016) are considered Supercodes of
interaction and conversion (Sikora & Costello, 2008), not just as a particle that gives mass to
other particles as we will be able to explain and demonstrate in further papers.
The AEA is considered to manifest itself in 3 basic macro-components called Being, NonBeing and Indefinite-Being. The new CCH deals with these three aspects as the major fields
to be studied, discovered in detail and demonstrated at its deepest level, which will be dealt
with and explained in the coming papers, also to open new ways of effective experimentation
different than the costly particle accelerators like the CERN-LHC (Nilsen & Anelli, 2015).
1.1 Auxiliary Sciences of the CCH
The new CCH is integrated by its own mega-sciences comprising all the scientific,
philosophical and epistemological knowledge together with all the technologies and the new
eco-technologies (Piñeiro, Maestre, Bartolomé, & Valdecantos, 2013) also the necessary
eco-industries (Sarkar, 2013) of the coming Novatecna guided by the new Multiversal
Axiology for the benefit of the Human Civilization and its re-evolution, as the main planetary
goal of the CCH.
1.1.1 Psychocosmia
Psychocosmia is the first of the two mega-sciences dealing with Transegic Polisystems (a
dynamic superposition of philosophical and scientific consciousness). This science can be
understood as the Psychology of the All Mind (the All consciousness, the All intelligence and
the All thought).
1.1.2 Science of the Supercodes
Is the second mega-science of the CCH, which studies the ultimate elements of all what is
existence in matter, energy and in all other categories of existence (Loomis, 1988), which
have not been classified in the current scientific taxonomy yet.
The priority study and development is in the Science of Supercodes for this gives the
scientific community the building blocks, the essentials and the codes to reach new levels of
research, consequently new sciences and ecotechnologies to achieve higher levels and
wider scopes of human expression in front of other civilizations of the galaxy and of the many
universes (Di Stefano & Ray, 2016).
One of the first objectives to start developing the new CCH has been to reveal, then to
determine the biggest secret and paradox hiding along eons within the inner codes (Tan,
2008) and within the programming languages of all existent systems and all living entities
together with the logic of the autonomy of every part of the All and the biggest cosmic
anomaly (Tomassetti & Donato, 2015) revealed in the form of “freewill” as part the grand
paradox of the universal scientific knowledge and the cosmic programming.
1.2 Theoretical Background.
There is not any Holoscience in the lexicon of the planetary scientific community yet. The first
time we found this concept, after starting this manuscript, was in www.holoscience.com but,
after searching the website we found nothing referring to this concept, neither a definition of
holoscience nor any objective or a study of it, just some papers, articles and journals talking
about the Electrical Universe - EU and related issues, with which we do not agree in full due
to obvious conceptual and procedure errors. Even the Wikipedia is lacking a definition
concerning the term and concept of Holoscience, that is why it is necessary to decode,
define and explain the terms and general own concept of this new Cosmogonic Cybernetic
Holoscience - CCH.
1.2.1 Conceptualization.
When creating a new scientific map of concepts and terms it is necessary to clearly decode,
define and explain them in order to understand the level of study, this to avoid falling into any
tautology regarding other terms and concepts already in use, but less profound.
3 Cosmogonic or Cosmogony.
Cosmogonic is the true term used as an adjective instead of Cosmogony from which it
derives, but referring to the fact that the CCH has its own cosmogony or cosmic origin of the
ALL. Decoding.
Meaning: Cosmogony is “The branch of cosmology that studies the origin of the universe and
the larger objects found within it, such as the solar system.”2
Etymology: “Latinized from of Greek kosmogonia ‘creation of the world,’ from kosmos ‘world,
universe’ (see cosmos) +-gonia ‘a begetting,’ from gonos ‘birth’ (see genus).”3
Synonyms and/or derivations: Cosmogonic, cosmologic, cosmogenic, cosmical, universal.4 Definition.
Classical definition: The most complete common definition is as follows.
“cosmogony (plural cosmogonies)
(1) The study of the origin, and sometimes the development, of the universe or the solar
system, in astrophysics, religion, and other fields.
(2) Any specific theory, model, myth, or other account of the origin of the universe.
(3) The creation of the universe.”5
CCH definition: According to the CCH and for our own use we have to define it as a noun,
though the use in the general concept is as an adjective. Cosmogony is:
(1) A highly complex system of multiversal principles from which several translectic laws are
derived and determined. The system of principles and laws is called the Translectic
Multiversal System - TMS.
(2) The use of the TMS as a set of scientific and philosophical tools and resources in order to
study the origins, finalities, development and the forms of manifestation of what we call the
biggest concept ever, the Absolute Expansive All – AEA. Explanation.
The meaning given by the dictionaries and encyclopedias is not enough to define the term
Cosmogony (Petrucci, 2016) and the adjective, cosmogonic, regarding the new CCH. In this
case, cosmogonic is the main characteristic of the CCH as having its own model of the
origin, creation, self-creation, manifestation, self-manifestation, emerging and formation of
the All existence, the All non-existence and the All indefinite existence (multiversal indefinite
The CCH deals with its own theory and model of cosmogony based on the TMS and its most
elemental concepts and entities that are the basis for all what exists, for all the reality levels
and for all forms of life and the Multiversal Creation itself. The infinitesimal (Sultan, 2014)
pre-existent elements are called Basic Codes. The infinitesimal existent elements are the
Motion Codes, from which all Supercodes are made, composed, formed, aligned, comprised,
ordered, systematized and specialized as forces (Li, Kermode, & De Vita, 2015) of selfcreation (Mahanta, Biswal, Sahoo, & Adhikary, 2012) and of self-manifestation. Cybernetic or Cybernetics.
As explained above the term (adjective) cybernetic will be decoded, defined and explained
as a noun (cybernetics) to go according to the existing data and definitions of the main
academic dictionaries and encyclopedias.
4 Decoding.
Meaning: Cybernetics is “the science of communication and control theory that is
concerned especially with the comparative study of automatic control systems (as
the nervous system and brain and mechanical-electrical communication systems)”6
Etymology: “From Ancient Greek κυβερνητικός (kubernētikós, ‘good at steering, good pilot’),
from κυβερνάω(kubernáō, ‘I steer, drive, guide, act as a pilot’),… The term was coined in
1948 by U.S. mathematician Norbert Wiener.”7
Synonyms and/or derivations: Cybernetic, automation, autonetics, artificial intelligence,
bionics.8 Definition.
Classical definition: A complete standard definition might be as follows:
“Cybernetics is a transdisciplinary approach for exploring regulatory systems – their
structures, constraints, and possibilities. Norbert Wiener defined cybernetics in 1948 as ‘the
scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine.’ In the 21st
century, the term is often used in a rather loose way to imply ‘control of any system using
CCH definition:
According to the CCH, and for its own purpose and use, Cybernetics is:
(1) The study and discovery of the inner structures of irreconcilable systems. For instance,
scientific, religious and philosophical systems; organic and inorganic systems; natural and
artificial systems; mental, spiritual and material systems and procedures, etc. in all levels of
knowledge and praxis.
(2) The study, recognition and the linking of the opposite and antagonist systems in order to
make them reconcile and acknowledge each other within a new holistic cosmic
understanding and comprehension of their own space, their rights, and functions as
legitimate parts of the AEA.
(3) The study of the forms of communication of all the current systems and the programming
and control of the newly created systems in order to allow them freedom of action and selfmanifestation, but also to control and defend the cosmic harmony, synchrony and legitimacy
of all unities, parts, levels, systems and dimensions of the AEA. Explanation.
The term cybernetic, as adjective, gives the CCH the tools and resources to study, to
analyze and to find the common links of all systems in order to make them reconcile and
recognize each other while keeping their own autonomy and legitimacy.
Cybernetics gets a new meaning as an auxiliary science of the new CCH, which is the basis
of a higher level of scientific, philosophical and epistemological research and the production
of new knowledge with the opening of new fields and dimensions of scientific research and
the application of all of this in what will be the new Novatechna.
Cybernetics allows us to discover the broken links of information and the hidden knowledge
in the form of the basic codes belonging to the same cosmic, universal and multiversal
sequences of sources or layers of the AEA source, which is not identified as God, but as a
composition of infinite layers of codes forming systems of supercodes that give form, sense,
existence, reality, life, consciousness, intelligence, spirit and transego to the All Being and to
its self-manifestations and creations.
5 Holoscience.
Since there is not any available definition in any academic (scientific – philosophical) field or
in any other source (dictionary- encyclopedia), and because there is no other holoscience in
the world so far.
The following is our own definition, decoding and explanation of what Holoscience means,
being aware that it will not be possible to have two holosciences in the world, but a unique
one. Decoding.
Meaning: Holoscience is the total compendium and study of all levels of scientific,
philosophical, epistemological, telelogic (paralogical, metalogical, theological, theosophical,
metaphysical, intuitive, detuitive), and transegic (infinite sequence of holistic consciousness
superposition) knowledge.
Etymology: “From Ancient Greek ὅλος (hólos, ‘whole’).”10
Synonyms and/or derivations: Holism, total, universal, cosmic, multiversal. Definition.
Cosmogonic Cybernetic Holoscience is a holistic study of all the current sciences together
with the scientific research and taxonomization (Kozareva & Hovy, 2010) of all its
technological applications. It is also the review and re-study of all levels and kinds of
sciences in and out the planetary and the universal knowledge (Talbott, 2005) together with
the research of the still futuristic and highest multiversal knowledge (Deng, 2011). Explanation.
The CCH seems to have different definitions and applications according to different contexts
and scientific interests, which lead to comprise the whole universal and multiversal
knowledge in one holistic view and association. Thus, let us explain it in its main levels.
Scientific level: The CCH is the study of all natural and social phenomena. It is the
systematic research in all fields of scientific knowledge. It deals with the discovery, solving
and explanation of all natural and alike manmade historical mysteries. It deals with providing
solutions to all scientific problems and answers to all scientific questions. It aims to give a
practical and applicable demonstration to all the scientific hypothesis.
Philosophical level: The CCH is also philosophical and deals with finding the difference
between physical demonstrations (experiment) and conceptual demonstrations (logic) of
hypothesis that cannot be demonstrated by physical means but by logical, analytical and
reasonable means using orthodox and new methods of philosophical demonstration like
formal logic, analytical logic and transegic demonstration.
Philosophy, at a holoscientific level, is not just a question of emitting more or less precise
philosophical opinions of how the universe works and how humans must behave and think,
but it is a question of demonstrating and providing logic and transegic undeniable reasons
contrasted and synchronized with the newest and most advanced scientific discoveries and
demonstrations alike, all of it trending to practical and technological applications.
Metalogical level: Neither just philosophical nor only scientific, this holistic level comprises
critical studies and practices like theosophy, theology, teleology, esotericism, enlightenment,
spiritualism, mysticism and “magic”. Within this level all the mysteries about the divine, the
intelligent design and the spiritual theories and envisions will be analyzed, demonstrated
logically and cleared up to give it the corresponding scientific treatment in order to demystify
such concepts and occult practices.
Epistemological level: In the present time, this is the highest level and the most challenging
intellectual discipline, which is related to the, still in a building process, Transegic
Epistemology of the CCH. This is the level that comprises the complete Epistemology (theory
of scientific knowledge) and Gnoseology (theory of philosophical knowledge) of science and
philosophy correspondingly.
Technological level: At this level, the CCH deals with the application of the knowledge of all
the above levels mediated by a whole system of ethical and wise application of the practical
and useful knowledge, which is called the Multiversal Axiology (the theory of principles and
values, anti-values, sub-values, and supra-values) (Carter, 2011) in our case, multiversally
At this level, the CCH also aims to gain social rights for all the people to have access to all
kinds of requested and needed information, to all knowledge and to all technological benefits
aiming to eradicate monopoly, manipulation, secrecy and conspiracy on behalf of greedy
corporations and evil elitist groups of profiteers who generate multilevel crisis and
contamination against the planet and the global environmental village.
With this, all levels of information, knowledge, wisdom and cooperative action are comprised
in a holistic and cosmogonic vision of a planetary database in a universal axiological level.
See Appendix A for a table of the main sciences and levels of knowledge.
1.3 Scientific Background.
About the background of the CCH itself, there’s obviously nothing in the planetary database,
but there is plenty of information, lots of scientific results and a long list of technological
applications from the classical and modern sciences that are comprised and studied within
the new CCH up to the cutting-edge technology and the space exploration from which we will
refer just to the essentials for now.
1.3.1 Beyond the Standard Model
There is an urgent need for a more advanced standard model that really unifies the forces
and particles of nature as the basic building blocks, “in particular to provide the dark matter
and explain the origin of the matter in the Universe” (Baer, 2009) Knowing that matter is not
just a question of ranks of frequency and intensity of vibration, but a result of interaction and
conversion, otherwise low frequencies would be the beginning or origin of everything, while
high frequencies would be the end, but we will soon discover that the beginning is intangible
(immaterial) in sets of accelerating frequencies belonging to other dimensions of origin
different than the 3D concrete reality, though all the fractal phenomena occur in every single
dimension and reality.
1.3.2 The Building Blocks of Matter
In the world of sciences and specifically in the field of Physics, there are two types of building
blocks of Nature called Fundamental Particles and Fundamental Forces (Beaudoin et al.,
2015). With these two categories of fundamental building blocks it is said that nature is made
of, but according to our findings and conclusions we can insert the tiniest elements ever as
the building blocks of nature itself, which are as tiny as not to be able to be measured in their
last magnitude (Adler, 2010), except with a mathematical demonstration, the tiniest entities
are the infinitesimal pre-existent basic codes, from which emerge the motion codes into
1.3.3 Supersymmetry
This theory has to see with particles having partners or mirror particles (Battaglia et al., 2001)
as Fermions and Bosons have. In this case fermions carry matter and bosons carry force,
knowing that, in front of the CCH every fermion or boson is a complex supercode made of
infinite basic and motion codes.
It is also said that the next discovery of the LHC will be the Supersymmetric extension
(Boudjema & Drieu La Rochelle, 2012) of the SM11.
1.3.4 Superstring Theory
So vast is the production of motion codes in different forms that a string and a superstring
theory are also necessary to study and describe the dynamics and usefulness of certain
codes or code systems matching such characteristics or forms of strings, vibrations and
scales of frequency.
Superstring theory tries to bridge particle theories with the theories of forces like gravity (Pius
& Sen, 2016), which has not been considered in the particle standard model.
‘Superstring theory’ is a shorthand for supersymmetric string theory because unlike bosonic
string theory, it is the version of string theory that accounts for both fermions and bosons and
incorporates supersymmetry12.
The CCH incorporates all the above-mentioned theories, but adds a holistic theory of the
Motion Code, with which not only particles and forces are included in the new standard
model, but all forms of dynamics, shapes and frequencies from which all is made, comprised
and composed.
1.3.5 The Building Blocks of Life
Being life the ultimate expression of the intelligent existence (bio-intelligence) (Yang, Cui,
Xiao, Gandomi, & Karamanoglu, 2013) it also has its own building blocks based on quantum
particles, but specially on Motion Codes.
One simpler thing (basic element) is the source of a more complex thing (complex element)
in an endless chain of cause and effect (Brukner, 2014).
The biological building blocks of life are much more complex components (Richardson, 2005)
that compel us to research in more detail the new elements clustering together to make this
happen, which are not considered in the current standard model, but in the new CCH. For
instance, “Nucleotides are made up of a phosphate group, a five-ring sugar and a
nitrogenous base. Nucleic acids, such as deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic
(RNA), contain repeating nucleotides. Nucleotides link together to form nucleic acids by
connecting the phosphate group of one nucleotide to the sugar of another.”13
With all the said above, the scientific community should not be afraid of the blossoming of
many new theories (Burnes, 2005). All of them are necessary to explain the different aspects
of the basic Motion Codes. The more theories to explain particles and forces behavior the
wider the scope and the more possibilities to research, to know, to demonstrate and to apply
it all into a new techno-knowledge or Novatechna.
2. Methodology
To accomplish such a discovery of the new Motion Codes, we have started by studying
(analyzing and contrasting hermeneutically), by understanding (recognizing and identifying
the primary elements of existence) and by finally reaching a level of comprehension (dealing
with and applying the natural principles and laws) of a theory of everything and of the
multilevel realities of what we call the new Supercodes, which are the designing and
programming systems made of pre-codes, basic codes and motion codes as the most
primary elements (Khakimdjanov & Navarro, 2010) of all what exists and lives in all the
concrete universes and multiverses of the AEA.
For this kind of research, there are no experimental labs available yet, not even CERN has
the capacity to go as deep as the basic and motion codes demand, but as this happens in
most of the physical and mathematical equations and formulae, by the results, traces,
comparisons, contrasts, combinations of methods and deep analysis it was possible to
deduce and evidence the inner hypothesis of the current theories and experiments (Miller,
Rafael, & Roberts, 2012). The adequate use of principles like that of analogy and
correspondence allowed us to achieve new discoveries on the behavior of subatomic
particles, quantum realities and transegic dimensions (Donoghue, 2016) where the basic
codes and supercodes gather together to make all the existence possible.
The most advanced knowledge and the most intricate and accurate methods (Nicholas,
2010) and techniques plus our own Transegic Method have been really useful to
demonstrate the studied phenomena and to gain a deeper and wider insight in the mysteries
of matter, energy, force, power, light, and magnetism, which are all made, built and
programmed with motion codes.
Consequently, thanks to the science of the Supercodes we will be able to see how
everything works, how everything is built and how all is self-organized and then programmed
with specific functions and objectives. All mysteries so far will be solved to face the new ones
containing higher challenges with which we will discover new paradigms (Krauss & Putra,
2005) of science, research, production and creation. Thus, we will become the creators of
new realities and new entities, by means of building matter generators together with the
programming of its codes and supercodes.
This new scientific tool (the science and technology of Supercodes) has been designed to
discover, to understand, to create and produce more of what has been created by the prime
creators, designers and programmers like the master geneticists (Comment, 2016) and the
encoders of life, builders of realities and producers of existence itself.
The Transegic is a new method of insight, discovery, scientific intuition, philosophical
detuition and wisdom boost of mental programming (Bornat, Dehnadi, & Simon, 2008)
energy (working farther than an electromagnetic microscope into the infinitesimal reality),
which also involves a transegic insight for the coming mental programming of molecules,
atomic systems, supercodes and basic codes.
Material tools, instruments, devices and even quantum computers are not tiny enough as to
go deeper into infinitesimality, only mathematical calculations and physics equations (Sherin,
2001) are available nowadays to bring about the new scientific theories, but soon we will
have to trust the new Mental Transegic Method (MTM) to go deeper and beyond all quantum
(Kapustin, 2013) matter and energy dimensions to explain the infinitesimal realities. So, it’s
time to enter a new level of scientific research with new mental power tools (Egan & Hirt,
2014), which will be the new resources to build up and produce new devices to reach higher
levels of research and technology or Novatechna.
The new science and the new scientists will not be subjects of manipulation anymore. Their
new discoveries will be for the wellbeing of all the planetary society, not for the profit of any
evil elite or corporation of environmental polluters. Nobel prizes won’t be necessary, but a
better recognition and a spiritual satisfaction of highly ethical and conscious scientists and
technologists. This is part of the Multiversal Axiology (ethics) of the new Mental Transegic
Method. As we can see, these methods got their own higher ethics like no other.
Consequently, the MTM has its own procedures and techniques, together with its own
axiology and objectives towards the development of a more advanced human race and
planetary society according to Galactic Community standards as our next step on evolution
to a Level 1 Society. This last part belongs to exo-sciences, which is part of the scientific
fields studied by the CCH regarding reverse technology and science, something forbidden to
the Academia.
Soon we will have to stop experimenting with costly and dangerous devices like particle
accelerators to design the new resource tools of observation and programming of the newly
discovered codes of creation and production, this will be thanks to the MTM, which is the
method used for this research paper together with all the classic and well-known methods of
observation, analysis, contrast, experiment, synthesis, statistics and mathematical equations.
The coming papers will be flooded with more equations, tables and graphs because they are
more specific as a decoding and extensions of this introductory paper of what the building
blocks of the CCH are.
3. Results
3.1 A New Series of Standard Models
There exist a broad number of more detailed standard models to be classified, which go
according to the levels of vibration of every code system called supercodes. Every
supercode has its own rank of sequences and every sequence has its own standard model
of base codes and motion codes.
3.2 The Most Primary Element of the CCH
The tiniest or infinitesimal entity so far conceived that makes everything possible and existent
is the Motion Code of existence. The motion code is made of pure motion whose dynamics
has a wide variety of moves, directions, paths, rotations, vibrations, all giving shape to the
new clustered system codes or supercodes. Before the motion code there is the base code,
which is a pre-existent or bridge entity or first impulse for the motion code to become existent
and for the existent to be as such.
3.3 Mass and Force Self-carriers
Vibration makes the difference and gives their characteristics to matter, energy, force, mass,
and other AEA components. Particles like bosons do not give mass to particles like fermions,
instead each gain mass or force according to its own acceleration and frequency of vibration
in interaction. Motion is the basis of vibration and vibration is the basis of all kinds of energy,
force, magnetism, gravity. In fact, energy, force, magnetism, gravity and vibration are types
and categories of pure motion. The interaction, conversion and transformation of these forms
of motion make them be mass, force and even life carriers.
3.4 Motion is the Doer and Giver
Where there is no motion there is nothingness, there is an absolute void as the ultimate part
or as the Non-Being of the AEA. Where there is pre-motion or primary impulse (basic codes)
there is a variety of Indefinite-Beings of the AEA, which are apodictic, unapodictic, potential
and contingent. Motion is the source of everything. It is the Being, the Doer and the Giver as
a third aspect of the AEA.
3.5 The size and power of the Motion Code
The ultimate size, weight, force and power of the motion code is the Infinitesimality, which is
represented as 10-n (n = ). Consequently, this measurement is infinitely beyond the Planck
scale. After (deeper) the Motion Code goes the Base Code with which a new infinitesimally
begins in opposite direction as a new expansion.
4. Discussion
The following are the most essential building blocks of the Cosmogonic Cybernetic
Holoscience - CCH. There are no other conceivable entities, at least for now, that can be
tinier and most essential elements, and there is nothing beyond the infinitesimal elements we
are about to present. See Appendix B for the basic types of motion codes.
4.1 The Motion Code
This is the code of pure motion and it is considered the most infinitesimal element of the
existent All (the Being), which is the basis of the creation and of the self-manifestation. This
is considered a code for, as we will demonstrate in the coming papers, all is made of
infinitesimal associated and integrated elements that need to be programmed to function
automatically and with autonomy as life is, being life a master program of the first highly selforganized code systems into a cosmic intelligence (Chyba & Hand, 2005).
The primary motion code is the first existent entity of the Being, but before it becomes
existent, there is something else as a continuum previous process, which is a pre-existent
impulse, the pre-code, but only the motion code can be pictured as an abstract point.
Fig. 1. The first 3 types of infinitesimal motion codes
4.1.1 The Base Code
This base code is the sequential bridge for the first existent element, the motion code, from
whose action all possible combinations take place and generate the infinite varieties of
motion codes in rotation, spinning, translation, location, and direction as the primary
elements of the existence, creation and life, together with spirit, consciousness, mind,
thought, force, light, energy and finally matter or concrete reality, which are categories of
integration, organization and interaction of the motion codes. The base code, in its endless
impulse-interaction connects or bridges the Being with the Indefinite-being to provide motion
to what will be the flow of infinite motion codes. The base code cannot be pictured, due to it
is still inexistent, but provides the impulse for the motion code to become existent.
Fig. 2. Types of infinitesimal motion codes
4.1.2 The Pre-Code
This code is considered to be the first or the pre-existent impulse, which is constantly
interacting with the Non-being to decide becoming or not a pre-being or indefinite-being
towards the self-manifestation into impulse (base code), then into motion (motion code). This
way the primary motion takes action, gets activated, and becomes motion itself. All this
process still happens, forever, as a multiversal generator of all the infinite forms of motion
codes in a continuous flow of wave layers or membranes.
The pre-code is the first instance in which the Being differentiates from the Non-Being by
means of the Indefinite-Beings (impulse, potential, apodictic, and contingent pre-codes).
4.1.3 The Process Primary Steps
(a) All that emerges at the beginning (primary Being) is inertial Pure Motion with no order, but
free chaos.
(b) Inertial interaction of infinitesimal shapeless elements of pure motion generates Motion
Codes with entity and primary identity.
(c) Motion codes start organizing into Supercodes of existence from which everything is
organized and self-identified (primary consciousness).
(d) Interaction, association and direction of motion codes generate the first Force Supercode.
(e) Force is the first logical, ordered and dynamic generator Supercode from which all the
other elements, particles, vibrations, scales, frequencies, waves, gravity, magnetism,
electricity, spirit, intelligence, consciousness, mind, thought, energy, matter, life, dimensions,
directions, hyper-dimensions, realities, etc. come into being (primary God).
4.2 The Primary Supercode – Conceptual Level
Supercodes are systems of codes. The first supercodes are what we can conceive now as
concepts of action, interaction, dynamics, cohesion, force and shape. From this all primary
derivations are possible like the primary spirit, mind, consciousness, thought, logic and
intelligence, all of them as primary forces of self-creation. Life (a living “God”) is not possible
yet in this stage of existence, consequently not any self-aware entity exists at this level of
free self-manifestation and formation of the primary supercodes.
4.3 The Secondary Supercode – Quantum Level
All the standard models and theories fit in this momentum of the generation of existence and
what makes the difference between all supercodes is the way the clustered codes move,
rotate, vibrate, oscillate, travel and spin gaining a primary awareness.
4.4 The Tertiary Supercode – Tangible Reality
This level belongs to measurable supercodes of concrete existence, in which creation and
life fit. Senses, colors, sounds, feelings, emotions, phenomena, perception, objects and
concrete realities are made of this kind of supercodes. All what can be measured in this rank
of multiversal sequence belongs to this category of supercodes yet to be taxonomized.
4.5 Classification of Codes and Supercodes
Beyond the quantum level persist the Infinitesimality of the three basic components of the
ALL: The Being (B), the Non-Being (NB) and the Indefinite-Beings (IB). Consequently, the
ALL = B + IB + NB in an endless dynamic interaction.
With all this a new law of conservation will emerge, in which there is a creation and a
disappearance of matter, energy and of all the codes and supercodes at a level of code
conception with generation and degeneration, as an endless interaction among the three
aspects or Beings of the AEA.
The classification of codes and supercodes is endless, consequently this cannot be done in
this first paper in full, but all along the coming series of papers and a book. See appendix C
for an illustration and brief explanation of the sequence from which codes and supercodes
4.5.1 Primary Codes
Pre-code, Base Code and Motion Code are the first three primary elements at a code level,
which means that there are many more to be classified since the sequence and the
continuum of interactions is logically endless. All codes are infinitesimal in their own essential
nature and every single code has its own endless internal sequence towards the Non-Being
in one direction and towards the total Being in other directions. At the same time, all codes
are in a constant interaction of waves and sequences of waves in multiple spherical spiral
directions. See appendix D.
4.5.2 Supercodes
The systems of motion codes that give existence, reality and sense to the All Being are the
new Supercodes, among them there are three basic categories already briefly explained
above. Every supercode has its own derivations. Twenty-one macro supercodes are already
classified in a draft paper to be published and we are still working on the corresponding
supercode derivations. See appendix E.
5. Conclusions
Due to the whole research, involving many studies, has become gigantic during four decades
so far, the conclusions are very many, but only a few of the first sequence of building blocks
will be posted below.
5.1 Order and Chaos at Meta-Quantum Level
The difference between order and chaos lies in the dynamic geometry, which is the way the
waves of infinite motion codes move and organize themselves into specialized functions.
Order is the dynamics of the motion code having specific direction, rotation, shape,
synchronicity, vibration, interaction, cohesion, etc. Chaos is the motion code with still no
direction, no definition, no shape, no harmony, no synchronicity, all within a chaotic or erratic
motion without a specialized organization yet.
The first supercode that self-generates from chaos and becomes order and information that
creates all what exist is Force in acceleration, which results in the next supercode of Light.
Light becomes magnetism, electricity, fire, energy, sound, matter, idea, mind, spirit, and even
what can be called “God” or better understood as PL (Principle and Law) as an ultimate
organization and interaction of infinite motion codes, which becomes a conscious source of
new creations and manifestations. Vibration and frequency are characteristics of the primary
light, which becomes a primary creator of a sequence of infinite creators.
5.2 As many Quantum Theories as Needed
With the variety of motions, directions and shapes of the dynamics of the motion codes, a
large number of theories to each variation is possible. That is why a string and a superstring
theory also have an opportunity to be as such and the right to study the nature of the infinite
wave-particles from their own point of view with their own methods and techniques of future
physical demonstration.
With the continuous development of sciences and detection devices, many more theories will
pop out to study and describe the minute events and functions of newly emerged forms of
motion codes and supercodes, knowing that, every single motion code needs its own
universal study and specific science, of which there are infinite with infinite varieties.
5.3 The relativity of the Intangible
Consciousness is generated by a process of self-mirroring of the motion codes. The
intangible belongs to dimensions not able to be measured in a relative period of present time,
but whenever we have the availability of the adequate tools, devices and instruments, we will
have the capability of measuring what now is seen as intangible like the ideas, thoughts,
consciousness, mind and spirit.
Everything is made of complex systems of motion in all possible directions at infinite levels
and membranes, which is the basis of all dimensions. The dynamics and interaction of the
infinite motion codes is what makes everything to happen and to exist.
5.4 Non-standard Standard models
Every single universe has its own sequence of standard models, that is what makes the
difference among the variety of infinite universes, which compose a multiverse of which there
are infinite ones, belonging to the AEA.
The primary motion code in its purest status is shapeless, but in the very moment it gains a
minimum of displacement, then it becomes pure direction, plain sense and primary form with
a tangible function and a usable nature. In the purest status of this basic code there’s neither
wave nor particle, just motion itself, then comes shape, direction and sense. All of it happens
in a simultaneous (a sequence of infinite speed) generation.
5.5 Infinite Dimensions
Motion Codes allow us to understand the nature of infinite and Infinitesimality, from which
infinite dimensions are derived. Whenever we reach the zero point of anything, even in a
linear sequence, a new dimension is derived. For instance, when we split a particle, a
distance, a space, a time or any other magnitude we get a new beginning and a new ending,
from which a new dimension emerges.
If we consider Georg Kantor’s Transfinite Numbers (Dauben, 2005) then we will easily
understand the nature of the generation of infinite dimensions for every transfinite number
and much more in transegic or hyper-concepts. See appendix F.
5.6 Infinitesimality is the New Beginning
There is no absolute simplicity, as scientists and philosophers think, because after the
Infinitesimality all becomes more and more complex, since every infinitesimal motion code
generates a hyper dimension with newer relationships, interactions and combinations. This
means that the tip of the cone of the Infinitesimality is just the beginning of a new hyper
dimension. The more we go inside the tiniest dimensions of reality the more complex,
intangible and elusive all becomes due to its ultra-dynamic nature.
5.7 The Practical Usefulness of the CCH
At a quantum level science and technology (invention and creativity) become limitless, but at
the level of codes and supercodes holistic knowledge and power of creation become a
limitless reality.
Thus, with the help and resources of the CCH all becomes possible, from the creative
manipulation of the motion codes and supercodes to the synchronization and formation of
new worlds, realities, universes and even multiverses.
5.8 There will always be for the CCH
According to the ultra-dynamics of the CCH there will always be a beyond standard model,
since every infinite singularity, of the infinite codes, has a multilevel sequence and since
every generation of emerging motion codes becomes a new intelligent system that deals with
working to generate new sequences of codes. In this case, every formed intelligent cluster
works together with the primary source of motion codes to create and recreate new infinite
systems that become intelligent to start creating anew. Intelligence is also made of organized
and organizing motion codes.
This way, more and more intelligent universes and multiverses are created, formed, selfformed and self-manifested forever in endless sequences, giving as a result infinite more
universes and multiverses, all of them made of motion codes.
5.9 The Final Discovery of the CCH
After many years of study, comparison and discovery, there is one final master conclusion so
far, the pre-code and the basic code, which generate the motion code.
The motion code is the ultimate element from which everything is generated, self-manifested
and created. Every single motion code is infinite in itself, and every step, move, rotation and
turn of its infinitesimality becomes a self-generated infinitesimal universe itself, which means
that every single motion code has its own internal multidimensional sequential nature.
The Magnitude and Richness of the CCH
The Cosmogonic Cybernetic Holoscience comprises all the current and future sciences,
disciplines and studies that go from the most infinitesimal element, the Motion Code, to the
biggest structure and infinite system, the Absolute Expansive All - AEA, within which we can
conceive infinite universes of each dimension that make infinite multiverses of the Being, the
infinite Non-Being and the infinite Indefinite-Being, each one, even each code having their
own infinitude with their own reality, existence and conception of the ALL.
If there is something else, then the CCH will be the first to include it in its scientific study,
knowing that there is nothing else, nothing bigger or beyond the AEA, which comprises
infinite big bangs and infinite infinitesimalities or motion codes, being the motion code
infinitely smaller than the Planck’s Constant, without considering yet the future studies and
classification of the pre-code and the base code, both belonging to the Indefinite-Being of the
Absolute Expansive All.
The Master Eternal and Infinite Formula of the CCH
This formula (1 ≠ 1) is the simplest, but at the same time most complex master formula
meaning that anything is equal not even to itself, from this, every single base and motion
code must be studied as a unique universe containing all similarities to others but all
differences in all circumstances, conditions, locations, motions and general nature, because
every singularity is the beginning of newer and deeper fields, complexities, universes,
realities, dimensions, etc. to be classified.
The Absolute Expansive All - AEA of the CCH
The AEA is an infinite sequence of 3 aspects: The Being, the Indefinite-Being and the NonBeing in a multiversal interaction. The Being is composed of infinite multiverses. Every
multiverse is composed of infinite universes. Every universe is made of infinite motion codes
and every motion code is made of infinite infinitesimalities of base codes, and so on deep
into the Indefinite-Being and in the Non-Being.
The author acknowledges the support of the International University of Ecuador, branch Loja,
also to Mario E. Jiménez and Angel I. Valarezo for their cooperation all along this research
This research did not receive any specific grant from funding agencies in the public,
commercial, or not-for-profit sectors.
Appendices A, B, C, D, E, F are added at the end.
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Appendix A
Comprises the rationality,
practicality and consciousness of all
levels of knowledge and all the
sciences and technologies.
Studies the logic and the mental
processes of the Absolute
Expansive All – AEA, linking all the
phenomena of the All with all the
existence, creation and realities.
Deals with all functions, effects,
compositions, combinations of the
Motion Codes that form the
Supercodes of the All Being.
Regulates and provides the
guidelines for the adequate
application of all levels of
information, knowledge, technology
and wisdom.
It is the science of sciences.
Studies the theoretical and practical
scientific knowledge.
Studies the formation and
production of general knowledge
and the thought in the human brain
and in the mental processes.
Comprises all the sciences studied
and developed at a quantum and
ultra-atomic multilevel.
Studies the production and
development of nano-sciences and
nanotechnologies at a subatomic
Formal or conceptual sciences are
all the sciences studying the ideal
and abstract processes*.
Factual, experimental or practical
sciences is the study of material
and natural phenomena*.
Academic disciplines.
Popular disciplines.
Knowinist Epistemology (of knowledge production).
Doinist Epistemology (of knowledge application).
Multiversal Praxology (methods/forms of applying
knowledge, consequences, results).
Cosmic-Mental Programming / Matter-Antimatter and
Energy Production.
Cosmic psychology / Cosmic Intelligence.
Cosmic spirituality / Cosmic consciousness.
Cosmic mind / Cosmic thought.
Teleology (Theosophy, Theology, Mysticism, Gnosis).
Mental-spiritual cosmic connections.
Cosmic mental circuits and links of info.
Pre-codes / Base codes/ Motion codes
Supercodes / Dimensions / Systems
Infinite Realities / Multiversal Existence
Being / Non-Being / Indefinite Beings
Quantum Mental Programming.
Values (moral, ethical, cultural, scientific, ethnic,
philosophical, spiritual).
Sub-values (needs, luxury, consumption,
Supra-values (self-sacrifice, unconditional service).
Anti-values (psychological aggregates, manias).
Eco-Social Multiversal Reengineering.
Psychology of knowledge. Philosophy of knowledge.
Semiotics and pragmatics. History of knowledge.
Production of scientific knowledge. Scientific intuition.
Theory of knowledge
The thinking process
Philosophical knowledge and scientific knowledge
differences and contrasts.
Mental speculation, imagination, post-perception.
Insight, spiritual vision, philosophical detuition.
Q-Theory, Q-Mechanics, Q-Physics, Q-Chemistry,
Q-Biology, Q-Psychology, Q-Computing, Q-Geometry,
Q-Physiology, Q-Consciousness, etc.
Nano-Robotics / Nano-components-production.
Logic (formal, analytical).
Mathematics (forms, numbers, calculations).
Use symbols, meanings, ideas, concepts, mental
elaborations, thoughts, consciousness.
Natural sciences
Social sciences
Provide and show material objects, tangible facts,
experimental events, physical results.
Formal education.
Empirical arts and crafts. Non-formal education.
*Different versions of classification of Formal and Factual: 1- (Pietarinen, 2006). 2-New Classification1. 3-Peirce’s
Classification2. 4-Classification of Fields of study3. 5-Academic disciplines4.
Appendix B
Nine basic types of motion codes have been discovered so far, from which endless
combinations occur to generate the primary supercodes that give existence to the All Being.
The shapes correspond to the ways of the pure motion, not to any particle or wave, which
are still inexistent at this level of self-manifestation.
Mass, energy, force, light or any other supercode is inexistent yet, but potential.
The Planck’s constant remains infinitely big comparing to the origin and size of the motion
code, which is infinitesimal 10-n (n = ∞), but at the same time is the first existent entity that
pervades all what exists or is.
Regarding motion codes, everything is infinite in depth or infinitesimality, but at the same
time everything generates and self-generates new infinitesimal code systems and circuits of
Appendix C
The AEA is the self-manifestation of an endless interaction among the B+IB+NB. One emerges from the other and becomes the other thanks to the
dynamics of the pre-codes, base codes and motion codes.
Appendix D
The primary codes are infinitesimal in their own nature (reality, unreality). The shapes below
are abstractions of what can occur amidst the infinite probabilities of being, non-being and
indefinite being in a constant interaction and multidimensional self-generation of the AEA in
The chaotic pre-impulse (pre-code), impulse (base code) and motion itself (motion code)
are still massless, shapeless, forceless, etc. in sequence. The motion code is the level in
which mass, shape, force, etc. start to be.
Code is the name of the tiniest conceivable concept or entity, which is neither a particle
nor a wave, not even a combination or derivation of anything else, but just pure pre-impulse
(pre-code), pure impulse (base code) and pure motion (motion code).
Appendix E
This is the Standard Model of the new CCH. This model is still being developed due to the
still infinite codes and supercodes to be discovered and classified.
Pre-codes are the first or primary attempts (form the nothingness or absolute rest) for the
impulse to take action or make the decision (pre-impulse) to become motion.
Base codes are the positive decision for the pre-codes to become impulse of motion. Base
codes are pure impulse to emerge.
Motion codes are the impulses made reality, made motion and consequently, made
existence into the origin of the Being.
Supercodes are the result of the first attempt of direction, organization, interaction,
combination, cohesion, etc. of the motion codes.
The Force Supercode is the first result of the multi dynamics (direction, interaction,
organization, combination, etc.) of the motion codes, from which comes wave or energy,
light, mind, matter or particle, power, and so on.
All these processes still happen and will always happen as primary origin of the AEA,
while the formed universes and multiverses become intelligent creators, generators and
programmers of new forms of existence (universes and multiverses) to contribute with the
Absolute Expansion of the ALL.
Appendix F
Every minute move and change of direction of a motion code generates a new infinitesimal
dimension or is the beginning of a new potential universe.
There are many categories of dimensions and hyper dimension derived from the motion of
the codes and formed by the association of the motion codes.
The graph-table shows one category of derived or formed dimensions from their previous
ones. Every dimension emerges as the sum-up of all the simpler ones with a turn of 900.
Dimensions can be independent; others can be interconnected. There are dimensions
within dimensions, like worlds within worlds and universes within universes or systems. Also,
there are dimensions in frequencies and levels.
The complexity of the AEA is infinite in all senses, forms, ways, directions, etc., which
means, the AEA is infinitely complex in all its dimensions, codes and supercodes, such is
also the complexity of the studies of the Cosmogonic Cybernetic Holoscience - CCH.
Dr. ManuHernz
Digitally signed by MANUEL
Date: 2017.11.22 09:12:43 -05'00'