Prose Poetry
You have to dig, big and deep! As your sweats down slips, eyes
fall asleep and neck got stiffed. Be a digger not who illegally mines
for crystals but who legally mines for crystalline metals.
Dig though it’s hopeless. Dig though it’s seems endless. Dig hard
as much as you can to gain as much as you claim. Keep digging,
keep moving, keep fighting despite of rocky partway. As you feel
you’re gonna reach the glimmering gem. Keep digging!
Acrostic poetry
ealed from being killed
cceptance can’t easily embrace
ain poisoned me no shield
risoned in a long time blue maze
ndeed awake , built and thrilled
evermore salvage in a crestfallen place
lan and was enchanted to begin new field
urrendered all worries, regrets, and disappointments
tarting to live life to it’s fullest and choose happiness.
Shape Poetry
He’s not I’ve been dreaming for
Not even my ideal boy
He’s not a player nor a gamer
He doesn’t dance, sing and does sports
Unlike those typical guy on the rail roads.
He’s rare and hard to find
One of a kind in all mankind
Gym and boxing rings are not his place
But in my heart he can’t be replaced
He’s my all that no one can parallel for
He’s not just my guy neither my boy
He’s my man whom I’d love to spend my life for.
Altar Poetry
That’s me
Easy to stop, always giving up
Life doesn’t have directions and
Crying, dying, tired of being nothing
Hopeless can’t heal and fix
Oh Lord! Help!
I surrender you, all
Praying is the cure
My father, my King
Help me to be your
Child again.
Lost and found to the unknown area of land
Surroundings keep whispering to my ear
My mind went bleak like an absence of light
Oh! Where am I? It’s too blurry and dark
Sea and heaven are fighting against
The state where I step on
I take the sea ‘cause I don’t have wings to fly
But in the midst of dancing waves
I drowned in water and out of air
Oh my God! Fallen Angel from above
Held his hand on me and says
Trust that turn to rust
Love that burn to ash
Bleeding, begging, begin again
Always end up broken like there’s no ending
Lies kiss but truth
Slap me to wake up
Fighting, fixing, failing in between
Hoping I could go back
To the way
Old me where are you?
Help me to be with you.
Pain, plain can’t explain
Distress can’t find happiness
Wish that rain still bow
Crying with out voice
Bleeding, breaking still in grave
Can’t hold and awake.
You white and I’m black
We’re just like in outer space above
Shining, twinkling soul
Lush, leaves lift by wind
Sunlight flicks above blue sky
It gives vibes and bright
Walking in the rain
Hoping could wash the massive
Disease within
Catching you chuckles next to her
Makes me clinch my fist
And punch something else
Closing my eyes tight
Thinking about the day after night
Dreaming you and m 24/7
Tired waiting always riven
Pure sand flirt my foot
My body sprawled in the sea
Souls shivered feels free
Fives senses
The thief auburn nipa hut designed by cave trolls,
Stole my attention
The clingy sunflowers that flatters me
The footstep of racing unicorns
The seductive sampaguita smells fruits
Tied into my tongue.
I blink my eyes twice,
Struck for ten thousandth times
World pokes me that it’s only a tale