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Complete the text with the words from the box
stayed photographed
We have just had a lovely holiday in Spain. We stayed on a quiet campsite near the
coast where we could______out all day if we wanted. I ______a jet ski on the first
day, while my parents and sister sunbathed on the beach. In the evening, we _____
with the other campers, which was great. On the third day we______ up all night!
The day after that we were very tired, so we just______ around the local town a
bit. Then, on the following day, we______ up for an organised tour and_________
the sights. On the day before we left we______ trekking in the mountains in the
morning, and then before it got too hot we came back to the beach and_________
down in the sea. We all got a great________ , to show off to our friends at home!
Complete the email with the correct future form. Sometimes there is
more than one correct answer possible
From: Sam
To: Jordan
Hi, Jordan!
My dad and I can't wait to see you again! Our flight leave
at 5.30 on Friday, so I'm getting very excited! I know you study
on Friday afternoon, so we probably/wait
for you in our hotel. I know we go
to Barceloneta during the day on Saturday, but do you have any plans for the eveni
ng? Can we do something together or you/go out
somewhere? I'm reading a guidebook about the city, but I/not bring
it with me, so I definitely/need
you to take us around the city! I'm online now, so I think I do
an online search to see what recommendations there are.
See you very soon,
Complete the paragraph with Present Simple, Present Continuous or will + V
Hi, Misha!
How are you? Here are the final arrangements for our trip next month. You have y
our ticket. The train leave_________Paris at 6 a.m. Albert and I meet_________ou
tside the Gare du Nord at 5 a.m. because I have his ticket. You can meet us there, o
r we can see you on the train. We definitely not
wait____________more than 5 minutes because the security checks probably/take
_________quite a long time. The train arrive___________in London in plenty of
time for us to have some food before we go to the hostel. Albert and I take_______
Medium-sized rucksacks and I suggest you do the same. Actually, I send________
you a link to the webpage where we found ours, as they're a good make and quite
cheap. We're really looking forward to the trip!
Read the extract from the book and mark the statements True, False or Not St
The travel book "We're doing WHAT for Summer Vacation?" tells the exciting an
d often humorous story of a young American girl named Ali who journeyed across
Borneo with her parents and older brother one summer.
We got a taxi to go to our hotel in Kota Kinabalu, and the first thing that I noticed
was that the steering wheel was on the wrong side of the car! They also drive on th
e wrong side of the road. This felt so weird to me. Dad was used to this, because th
ey drive on the wrong side of the road in England too. As we drove to our hotel, I l
ooked out the window and saw lots of people walking on the streets. The women w
ere dressed in headscarves, longsleeved shirts and long skirts, and the men were dressed in shirts and long pants. It
was very noisy, with old buses and taxis everywhere, and people shouting and hon
king. There were lots of old buildings and shops with signs everywhere that we cou
ldn't read.
The local guy helped us carry our bags to our hut. Our hut was a tree house built on
the side of the jungle. It was a oneroom wooden hut with a double bed and bunk beds that were equipped with mosqu
ito nets. I had never slept under a mosquito net, but I was very thankful to have so
mething to keep off the bugs and mosquitoes. One wall of the tree house slid open t
o a little balcony hanging over the jungle. The drop from the balcony was very, ver
y far. It made me nervous to lean on the railing. It was like we were in the top of th
e trees. The bathroom in the tree house was outside, so when we went to the bathro
om or took a shower, the roof was open to the trees. It was definitely not the really
nice hotel that I was expecting, but it was pretty cool. I had never lived in a real tre
e house before!
After hiking about three hours, we came across the most amazing waterfall that I h
ad ever seen in my life. It reminded me of something out of a movie! It was enorm
ous, and the waterfall sounded like a train because it was falling from so high! It fe
lt like we had found a lost treasure because no one was at this amazing waterfall bu
t us!
Zak and I jumped into the water and it was freezing cold, but felt great after the lon
g, hot trek. Our family started climbing up the rocks to the waterfall. It had about fi
ve different levels. We were playing in the water on the lowest level when we notic
ed that Zak was gone. We looked around and discovered that he had managed to cl
imb through the jungle on his own and get several levels up above us. He was reall
y high up! Zak shouted down to us, "Y'all come up here! It is awesome!"
Extracts from We're doing WHAT for Summer Vacation?
by Cindy Davis and Ali Rollason (AuthorHouse, 2013)
1. Ali was travelling across Borneo with her family.
Not Stated
2. It was hard for Ali's dad to drive in Borneo.
Not Stated
3. There were many people in the streets of Borneo.
Not Stated
4. Ali was amazed by the way the people were dressed.
Not Stated
5. The guest house where they stayed was on a tree.
Not Stated
6. Ali, her brother and their parents were all swimming near the waterfall.
Not Stated
7. Zak was scared to climb the rocks.
Not Stated