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Central dogma of molecular genetics
central dogma is what we call gene expression
central dogma of molecular biology
In which the dna will provide instruction for the protein
The structure of the dna was created by Watson and creek, they identified what’s within a cell in a
human or animal cell.
Even the egg cel and sperm cell, makes up protein.
Three main parts
1. Replication
- A genetic information in which it preserves and transmuted to new cells and offspring.
- It happens in the mitosis, during the normal cell division
2. Transcription
- A genetic information stored in the nucleus, that is made available to the rest of the cell, by
the creation of numerous of temporary copies of Messenger which is the RNA
- mRNA is similar to the DNA in which it consist of a long specific sequence of nucleotides
- DNA and RNA difference; double helix, single stranded that contains the sugar, that makes
into sugar ribos, while dna; deoxiribos, found in the back bone
- Most important part of gene transcription
- Gene expression is the one who switches on the genes at a given time