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Work-Study Contract

This agreement is entered into between Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA), hereinafter
known as the “Institution” and ____________________, hereinafter known as the
“Organization”, a local public agency or private nonprofit organization, for the period of August
26, 2019 to May 8, 2020 for the purpose of providing work to students eligible to participate in
the Federal Work-Study program.
This agreement must bear the signature of an authorized official of the Institution and of
the Organization and sets forth:
The hourly rate of pay is $12.50 per hour through 2019 and subject to an increase in 2020.
Students will be made available to the organization by the Institution to perform specific work
assignments. Students may be removed from work on a particular assignment or from the
Organization by the Institution, either on its own initiative or at the request of the Organization.
The Organization agrees that no student will be denied work or subjected to different treatment
under this agreement on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sexuality or sex. It further
agrees that it will comply with the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Pub. L. 88-352; 78
Stat. 252) and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Pub. L. 92-318) and the
Regulations of the Department of Education which implement those Acts.
The Organization is considered the employer for purposes of this agreement. It has the right to
control and direct the services of the students, not only as to the result to be accomplished, but
also as to the means by which the result is to be accomplished.
The Institution is limited to determining whether the students meet the eligibility requirements for
employment under the Federal Work-Study Program, to referring students to the Organization
for possible hiring, and to determining that the students do perform their work in fact.
Compensation of students for work performed on a project under this agreement will be
disbursed— and all payments due as an employer’s contribution under State or local workers’
compensation laws, under Federal or State social security laws, or under other applicable laws,
will be made—by the Institution.
The Organization will:
1. Employ under this program only those students certified as eligible by the Office of
Financial Aid of the Institution;
2. Provide to qualified students work in the public interest which will:
a) not result in the displacement of employed workers or impair existing contracts
for services;
b) be governed by such conditions of employment, including compensation, as will
be appropriate and reasonable in light of such factors as the type of work
performed, geographical region and proficiency of the employee;
c) not involve the construction, operation or maintenance of any facility used or to
be used for sectarian instruction or as a place of worship;
d) not involve activity for a membership organization (such as a credit union,
fraternal order or a cooperative) which is primarily for the benefit of members of
such an organization, rather than the public;
e) not involve political activity action for public or party office;
Provide to those qualified students professional direction and responsible supervision;
Provide the necessary administrative and payroll accounting services and forward biweekly time sheets to the Human Resources Office of the Institution by the correct day
of the pay period for each student showing the dates and hours worked and the hourly
pay rate (The last timeslip must be received by the Human Resources Office no later
than the last payroll of the academic year, in order for the student to be paid. If the
timeslip is received after the last payroll of the academic year, the student must treat
those hours as unpaid volunteer time);
Report hours worked by students employed under this agreement in a manner specified
by the Institution and, together with the student, monitor wages earned in order to
ensure that the student’s maximum eligibility is not exceeded;
Provide prompt notification when a position is vacated to the Human Resources office
and the Financial Aid office at the Institution.
The Institution will:
1. Certify to the Organization for employment under this agreement only those students
who are eligible under the Federal Institution Work-Study program;
2. Provide the necessary administrative and payroll accounting services to make wage
payments to certified students employed by the Organization under this agreement;
3. Determine, based on the availability of reallocated Federal funds, whether any or all of
the student employment positions provided for in this agreement shall be canceled prior
to the expiration of this agreement;
4. Notify the Organization of any student who becomes ineligible.
In witness whereof, the parties below have caused this agreement to be executed for the abovenamed period. I have read the cover letter and Organization fact sheet. I will comply with all the
expectations of the program.
Organization Name
Pacific Northwest College of Art
Institution Name
(print) Organization Director
By: ___________________________
Mark Taylor, Human Resources Director, PNCA
By: ____________________________
(signature) Organization Director
Date: _________________
April Torres, FWS Coordinator, PNCA