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ELA - Conventions for Writing Numbers

Conventions for Writing Numbers
The general rule is to spell out numerals of one and two words : three,
seventeen, thirty-seven, five hundred, three million, nine-tenths, 101,
250, 5280.
EXCEPT: Use numerals to express
decimals (1.10)
money ($2.00)
percents (100 percent)
time (9:00)
telephone numbers (780-456-8723)
dates (April 2, 2016)
book chapters (chapter 5)
book pages (page 2-5)
addresses (123 Main Street)
ZIP codes or postal codes (34587 or T5Y 2V2)
route numbers (Route 66)
and big numbers (2.5 billion)
NOTE: A sentence can’t ever begin with a numeral. Either spell out
the numeral, or recast the sentence.
WRONG: 1968 was a momentous year in U.S. history
CORRECT: Nineteen-sixty-eight was a momentous year in U.S.
BETTER: The year 1968 marked a momentous time in U.S.
Money - the sign is always before $5.00
Percent - use the word percent and the numeral “92 percent”
dates - do not include the __nd or the __st in your writing