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• Nicknamed “The Bard”
• Born April 23, 1564 in Stratfordupon-Avon, England
• At age 18, he married 26-year old
Anne Hathaway
• He had three children – one died
at age 11
• Likely began writing plays in the
• 37 plays written and several
sonnets written
• Shakespeare died April 23, 1616
The Taming of the
Famous Works
Romeo and Juliet
Twelfth Night
The Globe Theater
• 1576 – James Burbage built the first English
• 1598 – Landowners would not renew the
lease – theatre was dismantled and rebuilt
across the Thames River
• 1599 – The theatre was rebuilt and named
The Globe Theatre
• Shakespeare performed most of his plays at
the Globe and owned 10% of the theatre.
• Prices to attend the theatre range from 1
penny to 1 shilling (12 cents).
• Prices were double on the first performance.
• Plays were announced by a flag being raised
on top of the theatre. A white flag indicated
a comedy and a black flag signaled a
• 3 trumpet blasts signaled that the play was
• The Globe Theatre was round and could seat 2,000
• The stage was 5 ½ feet high—this kept the audience
from jumping on the stage.
• Groundlings- stood on the ground in front of the stage–
their admission price was one penny- known as the
“penny public”. They stood in the ‘Yard’
• 1613 – Globe Theatre was destroyed during a
performance of Henry VIII. Fire from a cannon landed
on the thatched roof and caught fire.
• 1614 – More elaborate theatre was built on the same
• 1644 – The Puritans tore down the Globe Theatre
because they believed plays were immoral and caused
• 1666 – The London fire destroyed all traces of the Globe
• 1997 – Theatre reopened for performances - was rebuilt
in the same place with same materials as the original.
Romeo and Juliet
The Capulets and the Montagues have been fighting
for several years.
• Setting:
• Verona, Italy. Late 1500’s
Juliet Capulet
Lord and Lady Capulet
Count Paris
Romeo Montague
Lord and Lady
Benvolio Montague
Friar Lawrence
What do you think it would be like if your family
did not approve of the person you were in love
with? What would you do to resolve this conflict?
• Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story.
• Tragedy Definition: a dramatic work that has a
serious or sad theme. It has a character that has
many problems or weaknesses. A tragedy
usually ends with the deaths of one or more of
the main characters.
Examples of Tragedy
• What is tragic love?
• How does tragic love affect teenagers today? Can think of an
example of tragic teenage love?
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