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Internship Placement

15 Month Practicum/Internship Placement
February 2020 - May 2021
MTZ Counseling is looking for 1 mental health counseling student to join our team for
a 15 month placement as a staff psychotherapist-intern. This position is being
offered exclusively to one Baruch MHC students and will consist of placement for
both the 100-hour practicum and the 600-hour internship placements. This
placement will run continuously from February 2020 through May 2021 and will be
for a student with a deep interest in private practice who can work independently
within the setting. A minimum of 10 hours (3-6 direct clinical hours) per week will be
required during the practicum and 20 hours (12-15 direct clinical hours) per week
will be required during the internship. This student will receive weekly individual
supervision with Jeremey Chase, LMHC, NCC as well as group supervision with Michal
Tzyion, LCSW.
Prior direct clinical contact experience (e.g., group work, volunteering, etc).
Prior work experience (2nd or 3rd career students strongly encouraged to
Current personal therapy
Ability to work independently
15 month commitment
Ability to work 1 weekend day
What you will receive:
Hands on personalized training in a private practice setting (e.g., intakes,
discharges, therapeutic approaches) from various psychotherapeutic
frameworks (CBT, psychoanalytic & humanistic).
1 hour of individual supervision per week
1 hour of group supervision per week
Direct clinical hours with various populations/mental health concerns.
If interested please email a resume/cv to Jeremey Chase, LMHC at
For more information about the practice go to www.mtzcounseling.com