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Atomic habits written by James clear offers a proven framework to improve everyday life by building good habits
and breaking bad ones.The author has divided the book into 6 sections which explain the fundamentals,the 4 laws
and advance tactics to be better at handling monotony and and phases of success anf failure in an effective way.
The fundamentals relates as to how Dave brailswoed a british cyclicts coach turned their situation by using the
aggregation of margina gains ie breakning down everything into small section of improvements caused them to
numerous championships and victoreis,went from being the worst to the best. People tend to pverestimate the
imporatcnce of one defining moment and underestimate the value of smaill dsily improvemnets.habits are ike
compound interst of self improvement they multiply.1% better or worse could dermine the difference of choice,who
you are and who ypou want to be.just as posiyivity negativity compound too,small stress turns into big stress ,the
more negativity the more trappes dyou feel.cancer spresdes 80% of its life time being undetectable and take sover
body in months.just as neagativity.mastery requires patience and it is frustrating when you sont see results ,it feels
kike work is wasted but it is just being stored and most powerful outcomes are delayed.habits need to be consistent
to break the plateu of latent potential ,people usually are trapede in the valle of disappointment.it details that
winners and loosershave the same goals the only diff it winners focus on system rather than goals,goals are foe
setting a direction ,systems are for making progress.survivorship bias assumes ambitious goals led to the success
while overlooking the hard work,achiving a goal os only temporary,its systems that cause the results that we need to
change.golas restrict happiness once I achive this I will be happy,fall in loe with the process rather than the
productdo no have to wait to be happy,once goals are reached long term progress stops purpose of building system
continue playing the game.do not rise to the level of your goals you fall to the level ofyour systems.It is ahrd to be
consistent because we try to change the wrong thing in the wrong way,three levels at whinch achange can poccur
,first is chaning outcomes,second layer is process and thirsd layer is changing identity ,outcomes are what ypu get
process is what you do and identity is how you behave many people start with with on what they want to achieve
alternative is to build identity based habits focus on who we wish to become.you make a new goal or a plan but not
change who you are switch from I want to be a person who wants this to I am aperson who is this ,once a person
beliefs in a particular aspect of a their identity they are more likey to act in alignment with the belief.you cant get to
attached your identity the more deeply the thought or action is tied to your identity the more difficult to change it.,I
am hooribke at direction,math etc.meaningful change does not require radical change,small wins tend to make you
trust youself,identiy change could happen when you focus on becoming a type of person not getting a particular
outcome.habits are not about having somethong they are about becoming someone ,you become your
habits.behaviours followed by satisfying consequences tend to be repeated unpleasant are less likely to be
repeated.habits are a series of automatic solutions to a problem.habits reduce cognitive load and free up mental
space you can aloocate attention to ather causes.peple belive the have to choose between building habits and
freedom as habits could make life boring but they complament each other.the science of how a habot works ,get a
cue it’s the first indication towards a reward ,triggers brain to initiate a behavioir,craving is the motivation
force,meaningless until they aren’t interpreted the thoughts and feelings transform cue into craving,response is the
actual habit to perform can occur only if you are capable of doing it ,response delivers the reward,cue triggers
acraving which motivates a response which provies a reward which satisfies the craving and ultimately becomes the
cue.four steps two phases problem phase is incukdd cue and craving when you realise something need sto change
solution phase incleds response and you take action and achive the change you desire.each law nfluences human
behavior cue,1 law make it obvious ,2nd law craving make it attractive 3 law response make it easy 4 th law make it
1st law make it obvious the human behavior is a prediction machine brain analyses and catolauges it for future
use,you don’t need to be aware of the cue for a habit to begin overtime the cues that spark the habit become so
coomon that they are essentially invisible,before building new ones we need to get hold of the current ones pointing
and calling effective,it raises the level of awerness from an unconscious habit to a more conscious level.Habits
scoreboard is something you could use to become more aware of your habits ,judge if it’s a good bad or neutral
habit many of failuers can be attributed to the lack of awarenss,there are no good or bad habits just effective
habits,does the habbit help me become the person I want to be on the long run.first step to changing habits is to be
lookout for them hearing your bad habits spoken aloud makes the consequences more real.implementation
attention is plan you make before hand about when and where to act most important cue is time and location
people when make a specific plan for when and where thry will perform a new habit are more likely to follow
thugh.diderot eg