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Today's Discussion
Your Research Proposal Should Able to Reflect
What kind of Research You Are Undertaking?
Primary Research
Secondary Research
PhD Thesis / Dissertation Research proposal would be the first academic research at
the Doctoral Level.
It is the most important document in the application for studies.
A research proposal is what you propose to do or what you intend to research.
2nd: why you would do it, and what is the point?
3rd: What do you hope to achieve?
To answer the above questions, you must able to justify your research proposal in
light of the literature and what this indicates about the state of knowledge in your
This is commonly known as the ‘gap’ in our knowledge.
If you are ready with this, the next step would be to describe how you will
conduct the research.
Your Research
Proposal Should
Able to Reflect
WHAT – You are going to research
WHY – you are going to research this particular area
WHAT – is the significance of research this area
HOW - you are going to conduct the research
What kind of
Research You Are
Although there will be a variation for setting out a research
proposal, the major differences will be dictated by the kind
of research you are undertaking:
Primary research
Secondary research
Collecting original data through experiments, questionnaires,
surveys or through interviews.
This is called Empirical research.
In your doctorate or PhD research proposal, you need to explain in
brief about Who or What you are going to access information and how
you are going to collect or obtain it.
You also need to say what you are going to do with the data and
how it will be processed and analysed.
Thus, you need to include a research methodology and research
design section as well.
Collecting your own empirical data but utilizing existing data that
someone else has collected, recorded and analysed.
But this needs strong justification and theoretical framework.
Mostly applied in sociology, history, legal and politics
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