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What are gypsum
mining products?
The manufacturing company of mining products
wasit group
Explanation of mining products
• Mining is arising from the geological material from the earth.
Such as matel, coal, stones, chalk, clay, gravel and many
other. It will be arising from the earth underground and after
that will be reproduce using the different machinery and use
in industries and other.
• Mining products needed into construct the building, highway
road, to make computer satellite, electricity cooptation.
Additionally we can say mining is economically important to
producing regions and countries.
Different gypsum mining products
Gypsum rock
Gypsum rock is a made from the
calcium sulfate dehydrate. It is soft
common mineral. It Crete
withthick and extensive evaporite
beds in association with
sedimentary rocks. Gypsum is
collects from the lake, sea-shore,
from volcanic vapors.
Use to manufacture gypsum panel
or building plasters
Use as fertilizer
Use by chemical factories
Gypsum powder
Gypsum powder is smooth white
powder which is created by heating
of gypsum stone. Stone heating to
be dried crushed and applies
process for making a powder. High
quality machinery use for making
in this process.
Use to manufacture gypsum panel
or building plasters
Use to make gypsum mold or
Industrial salt
Industrial salt happens when lakes and
shallow bays dry in the sun and wind
and large salt crystals remain in the
place of salt water first. In industrial
scale sea salt production, sea water is
filled into a large "concentration
reservoir" to allow the sun and wind to
evaporate efficiently.
In paper and pulp industries
In petrochemical manufacturing
As water softeners
Limestone is a different forms of
calcium carbonate. It is made in from
sedimentary rock, skeletal fragments.
Mostly use with material is marine
organisms such as coral, foraminifera,
minerals calcite and aragonite..
Steel manufacturing
Cement manufacturing
Glass manufacturing
As agricultural lime
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