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Unit title (1)
Subject group and discipline
I’m pro V (Improvisation)
MYP year
Unit duration
(6 Hours)
Inquiry: Establishing the purpose of the unit
Key concept
Related concept(s)
Boundaries, Interpretation
Global context
Identities and relationships
Statement of inquiry
Establishing boundaries and selecting modes of interpretation impacts how artists can communicate.
Inquiry questions
Factual – What are the key features of Improvisation and how effective are they in storytelling?
Conceptual – How can Improvisation help me in my relationship with myself and others around me when considering the way I respond to an unknown
Debatable – Could Improvisation be prepared or it has to be spontaneous?
Middle Years Programme Unit planner
Year 1
A: Knowing and understanding
i. demonstrate awareness of the art form studied,
including the use of appropriate language
ii. demonstrate awareness of the relationship between
the art form and its context
iii. demonstrate awareness of the links between the
knowledge acquired and artwork created.
B: Developing skills
Summative assessment
Outline of summative assessment task(s)
including assessment criteria:
i. demonstrate the acquisition and development of the
skills and techniques of the art form studied
ii. demonstrate the application of skills and techniques
to create, perform and/or present art.
C: Thinking creatively
i. identify an artistic intention
ii. identify alternatives and perspectives
iii. demonstrate the exploration of ideas.
Your goal is to create scenes by
communicating to the audience using
You are a performance artist. Your audience
is made up of the people present at the
Canadian International School in Amman
including Teachers.
You will create a performance work based on
the concept of Animals. You will use the
Animal work expression strategy to
communicate your message to the audience.
You will use short scripted scenarios to
evaluate on stage for your performance. After
you present your show, you will have a talk
about your work and the way you performed
inside a (Q&A) session with the audience.
Your work will be judged by Criteria A, B, C
and D.
Relationship between summative assessment task(s)
and statement of inquiry:
Students will perform an original improvised small
sketches, inspired from “The Animal” work
strategy in order to create relationships with their
own characters and break boundaries with others,
developing their ability to communicate.
(Evidence provided through rehearsals
and process journal, Video Diary).
Approaches to learning (ATL)
Middle Years Programme Unit planner
Use a variety of speaking techniques to
communicate with a variety of audiences.
Action: Teaching and learning through inquiry
Throughout this unit students will:
Learn the basic starting skills (6th grade)
needed to be an effective communicator on
and off stage. This will entail knowledge of
vocabulary, implementing vocal and physical
acting skills on stage and in warm ups.
Learning process
Students will see rubrics for scene work and tests
Students will have rehearsal time and direct feedback from the teacher and classmates
Students will participate in activities designed to highlight and practice each new concept/term.
Students will apply new concepts through formative assessments: commercial and open scenes.
Acting by developing, communicating, and
sustaining roles within a variety of situations
and environments.
Formative assessment
Critiquing various aspects of theatre and other
media using appropriate supporting evidence.
 Continuous teacher feedback on acting techniques, scenes and characters created.
 Class discussion and evaluation of work presented in class.
 Tests evaluating Improvising technique terms learned and used correctly.
 Tests evaluating scenarios analysis for scene work.
Visual and auditory cues
Extra response time
The classroom environment is safe, warm and close knit. A positive environment is created by always critiquing work in a professional safe manner, starting
always with the positive remarks first. This allows students to be true risk takers with their creative work in drama. The classroom is configured in a way that
allows plenty of space for rehearsal, warm ups, lecture and performance.
Middle Years Programme Unit planner
Reflection: Considering the planning, process and impact of the inquiry
Prior to teaching the unit
Middle Years Programme Unit planner
During teaching
After teaching the unit