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HNDA-1105-Introduction-to-Computer 2014

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vide in Act No. 29 of 1995)
Higher National Diploma in Accountancy
First Year, First Semester Examination
DA 1l05- Introduction
- 2014
to Computer
Instructions for Candidates:
Answers all questions
All questions do not carry equal marks
Ql) Select the correct answer.
(i) Which of these is not a characteristic of first generation computers?
(a) Use of machine language
(b) Use of punch cared
(c) Use of vacuum tube
(d) Use of monitors
(ii) Soft copy refers to.
(a) Printed output
(b) music sounds
(c) digitizing
(d) Screen output
(iii) Which of the following is latest Operating System?
(a) Windows vista
(b) Windows 7
(c) Windows Xp
(d) Windows 8
(iv) ROM stands for
(a) Random Only Memory
(b) Read Only Memory
(c)Random Original Memory
(d) Read On Memory
No. of questions: 05
No of pages
:Three (03) hours
(v) Which is the correct DOS command to display all directories and sub directories on page by page?
(a) cIs
(b) dir
(c) dir/p
(d) mkdir
(vi) Which one of these is NOT an example of storage device?
(a) Magnetic Tape
(b) RAM
(c) Floppy Disk
(d) DVD
(vii) Which of the following is an example for an application software?
(a) BIOS
(b) DBMS
(c) Unix
(d) MS Word
(viii) Short cut keys to open the Spellings and Grammar Checking dialog box
(a) Ctrl + F
(b) Ctrl + C
(c) F7
(d) Ctrl + H
(ix) Which is the keyboard shortcut used to find a word phrase in a word document?
(a) AIt + F
(b) Ctrl + F
(c) Ctrl + U
(d) CtrI + Alt + B
(x) An Ink Jet printer is a example of a (n)
(a) Impact printer
(b) Laser printer
(c) Non
Impact printer
(d) Plotter
(2 * 10 = 20 mark)
HNDA I Introduction to Computer
- 2014
1ST Semester
i) Match each statement with the term it best describe.
(5 marks)
1) A container for related file
a) File management
2) A link that provides quick access to a file, folder or web site
b) File name
3) One or more pieces of information for locating a folder or file
c) Folder
4) Organizing and managing folders or files
d) Shortcut
5) The name you assign to a file to identify it's content
e) Search criteria
ii) Draw the complete "Functional Diagram of the Computer".(Block Diagram of the Computer)
(5 marks)
iii) What is the function of following shortcut keys?
(a) AIt + Tab
(b) Ctrl + Shift +Esc
(c) Windows key + R
(d) Windows key + G
(e) Windows key + M
(5 marks)
Compare and contrast primary storage devices with secondary storage devices with examples.
(5 marks)
i) Computers can be classified by using various ways. One way is according to the signal type used
inside the computer. Another way is according to the size of the computer.
(a) List three (3) types of computers based on the signal type
(3 marks)
(b) List four (4) types of computers based on the size
(4 marks)
ii) Compare and contrast impact printers vs non-impact printers with examples
(6 marks)
iii) Language translator is a utility software. List three (3) types oflanguage translators.
(3 marks)
iv) What is the function of "Disk Defragmentation" option in the Operating System?
(2 marks)
iv) What is the function of "Disk cleanup" option in the Operating System?
(2 marks)
i) List three (3) basic functions of an Operating systems
(3 marks)
ii) List three (3) examples for Operating systems
(3 marks)
iii) Compare and contrast GUI operating system with CLI operating systems
(4 marks)
HNDA I Introduction to Computer
- 2014
1ST Semester
The above diagram shows some folder structure of a personal computer. C, D denotes the drives, Fruits,
Vegetables, Banana, Apple and Grapes denote folders and Nutrition.doc denoted file.
Assume your current working directory is C:\> which means you are currently in the root directory of
the C drive.
Write the correct DOS commands to do each of the following activities.
(a) Change the drive to D
(b) Create the folders Fruits and Vegetables
(c) Enter into the Fruit directory
(d) Create the folder Banana, Apple and Grapes
(e) Enter into the Apple directory
(1) Create a file Nutrition.doc
(g) Copy the Nutrition.doe file to the Vegetables folder
(h) Delete the folder Apple
(i) Delete the file Nutrition.doe inside the vegetables folder
(10 marks)
(j) Clear the screen
Write down the usage for the following short cut keys in MS WORD 2007.
(a) Ctrl + H
(b) Ctrl + J
(c) Ctrl + 0
(d) Ctrl + D
(e) Ctrl + 2
(1) Ctrl + L
(6 marks)
HNDA 1 Introduction to Computer
- 2014
1ST Semester
ii) What is the use of mail-merge in MS Word
(3 marks)
iii) Write down steps to create a mail merge document to send a letter to 100 recipients.
(6 marks)
iii) Section TrueIFalse:
(a) The Table AutoFormat command is located under the Format drop down menu. (T/F)
(b) Selecting a table and pressing the Del key will delete a table. (T/F)
(c) You can use either a numbered or lettered format for numbering lists. (TIF)
(d) Word has three ways to copy text. (TIF)
(e) You can move and copy text both within documents and between documents. (TIF)
(5 marks)