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That Sugar Film
Movie Guide
1.What did the narrator give up eating when he met his girlfriend?
2. What percent of items on the shelves of the grocery store do not contain sugar?
3. How many pounds of sugar do Americans eat a year?
4. How many teaspoons do Australians eat a day?
5. What is Glucose used for?
6. How must the narrator eat the sugar?
7. How many teaspoons of sugar did he eat in his breakfast?
8. What is Metabolic Disease?
9. What happened to his liver after 18 days?
10. How does blood sugar affect your mood?
11. What does Mai Wiru mean?
12. What was the first item to go after Mai Wiru started?
13. What happened after Mai Wiru was taken away?
14. How many teaspoons of sugar are in a Mountain Dew?
15. What was the age of the youngest patients the dentist treated with tooth decay?
16. How many teeth did Larry plan on getting removed?
17. What is the optimal amount of sugar called?
18. What is Sugar on the Diet of Man?
19. Do you think Americans have an addiction to sugar?
20. Do you think that sugar is actually a problem in the United States?
21. Are you going to do anything to improve your intake of healthier foods and decrease your
amount of sugar you eat?
Answer Key
1.Refined foods
2. 20%
3.100 Pounds
4.40 teaspoons
6.Hidden in other foods and not in common sugar containing foods like ice cream and candy.
8. Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease
9.He started showing signs of fatty liver disease.
10. The fluctuation causes adrenaline which can cause anxiety.
11. Good Food
12. Coca~Cola
13. The health of the people declined.
14. 37 teaspoons
15.3 year old
16. 26 teeth
17. Bliss Point
18. Document that was put out by the government that let people know that sugar was ok to
19.Open Ended
20.Open Ended
21. Open Ended