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Efficient horse collar slideshow

Efficient horse collar
Scarlett Torres
Who developed the horse collar?
The Chinese developed the horse collar around the fourth century
BC, they devised a harness with a breast strap known as the trace
harness, modified appropriately one hundred later into the collar
Where was it created?
It was created in China
When did it begin to be used?
The first type of harness was
used in the Han Dynasty (202
BC-220 AD).
What did it do better?
The collar, which was modified approximately one hundred years
later into the collar harness, made it so that the horse wouldn’t be
chocked which reduced the efficiency of having the collar.
The collar made it so that a horse could be able to haul a ton and a
half by itself instead of having two horses which could only haul a
How was it important to create the ‘Golden Age’ in
This invention made it so that the horse could exert its full strength
in plowing, this made it so that ploughing became more
When and how was this invention Adapted by
The horse collar became known to East Asia in the seventh
century, and it was introduced into Europe in the eighth century.
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