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1SE1 Student Exercise - Mechanical Force

Unit 1-1 Student Exercise 1SE1
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Block: _____
Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1. If two forces of the same magnitude act on an object along the same line, but in opposite directions, the object
is said to be ____________________.
a. speeding up
b. in equilibrium
c. slowing down
d. unbalanced
2. Using the scale of “one division = 20lb of force,” find the value of the resultant force (FR) in the diagram
a. 50lb
b. 222N
c. 100lb
d. 600N
3. Torque is defined as _____________________________________________________.
a. the product of the length, measured in pounds, and the force, measured in feet
b. the product of the force applied and the length of the lever arm
c. the product of the force, measured in pounds, and the length, measured in Newtons
d. the speed at which a body rotates
4. The torque exerted on the driven gear in the following diagram is __________. (Remember T = FL.)
a. 22 lb·ft
b. 40 lb·ft
c. 10 lb·ft
d. none of these
Complete each statement.
5. When an object has had its shape or direction of motion changed, it has been acted on by a ___________.
6. The total amount of matter contained in an object is known as its ___________.
7. When an astronaut travels from the earth to the moon, the astronaut’s ____ _____ changes but the astronaut’s
__________ remains the same.
8. Newtons are used to measure force in the ____________ system?
Short Answer
9. Briefly describe one situation in which a technician is required to measure and apply force in some part of a
mechanical system.
10. The values given below can be classified as either scalar or vector quantities. Examine each value. Then
write a “V” in the blank provided when the quantity is a vector. Write an “S” when the quantity is a scalar.
____ a. 15 Newtons at 30° east of north
____ b. 30°C
____ c. 80 kilograms
____ d. 105 mi/hr southwest
____ e. 20 lb at 60°
____ f. 25 lb/in.
____ g. 7 m/sec2
11. Indicate the following devices which are used to weigh objects.
a. Bathroom scales
b. Ruler
c. Torque wrench
d. Spring scales