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4 Key Performance Indicator of Asos

Key Performance Indicator of Asos
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Employee Turnover Rate (ETR):
There is a formula to determine the ETR of the company. To calculate it you need a
number of employees who left the company divided by the average number of
employees. In the event that the ETR has been upgraded, you should consider
organizing working conditions for employees: work packages, a culture component,
Percentage of Response to Open Positions:
Using the right job seekers, company will have a high percentage of qualified
applicant applying for open job position.
Employee Satisfaction:
It is very clear that the happier the employee is - the harder he will work. So, it is very
important for the department or organization to constantly measure the employees’
satisfaction level with the help of different surveys and other metrics.
Retirement Rate:
this metric is calculated using the number of employees who retired as a percentage
of the total headcount. It is good for developing strategic workforce plan.
Knowledge Achieved with Training:
This metric used for indicating effectiveness of employee training. It is calculated
through an exam and it’s pass rate percent and average score percent. For such
large companies as ASOS, pre-test and post-test can be conducted in order to see
specific result.
Internal Promotions Vs. External Hires:
This ratio can be effective in considering organizational succession planning. These
two factors help determine the number of people working for the company, for the
number of external employees and internal promotions.
Salary Competitiveness Ratio (SCR):
Usually used to evaluate the competitiveness of compensation options. This ratio is
determined by dividing the average company salary by the average salary offered by
competitors or by the rest of your industry.