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Pollination Vocabulary
Pistil: Female part of the plant (consist of ovary, ovules, style, and stigma).
Ovary: Female reproductive part of the flower, contains ovules, and will turn into a fruit.
Ovules: Female reproductive cell inside the ovary, when pollinized will turn into seed.
Style: Narrow elongated stalk connecting stigma to the ovary.
Stigma: Receives the pollen during pollination.
Stamen: Male reproductive part of the flower (made up of filament and anther).
Filament: Slender part of the stamen that supports the anther.
Anther: Part of the stamen that contains pollen.
Pollen: Male reproductive cell; fine powder dust.
Petal: Modified leaves of a flower that protects its reproductive organs and attracts pollinators.
Sepal: Green leaves around the base of the flower that covers the outside of a flower bud to
protect the flower before it opens.
Pollination: The transfer of pollen from male reproductive structures to female reproductive
structures in plants.
Self-Pollination: The transfer of pollen within the same flower or different flowers of the same