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Math 115 DB!

Topic: Reading and Presentation – Introduction
After you have completed the reading and watched the Presentation: Introduction, post a thread
that discusses anything that you found interesting from both the presentation and the reading. To
receive full credit, your thread must contain content that demonstrates that you completed the
reading and watched the presentation.
After watching the Presentation: Introductory Lecture, Pencast – Section 1.1 - 1.4 and the
website articles. I found it interesting that I am not the only person that goes through anxiety
when it comes to math. I go through anxiety when it comes to math because it takes a lot of time.
Some days I am able to take the amount of time it takes to learn math and some days I am unable
to take the amount of time it take. According to the Pencast presentation, there are three concerns
that have an effect on most students who are having difficulty with math which is attitude,
anxiety and diligence. Also, according to the Introductory Lecture presentation, one must
develop a positive attitude, and when you are feeling anxiety and diligence, learn to break up
your work in bit size chunks so you won’t become overwhelmed. Math tests make me feel
anxiety because I am not always sure my answer is correct but with homework I can get
assistance. I learned as I was reading brain-study-reveals-how-successful-students-overcomemath-anxiety a positive attitude very key and will help with anxiety. Practice regularly taking
small steps, especially when having difficulty. I lean that I must take good notes.
The things that interest me the most in the textbook is how the author of the textbook relate math
to actual events that occurred in movies or took place in someone’s life. Math is always about
making connections. In my opinion, relating math to things can make it easier to be learned.
Math is one of the most useful subjects because it can be used in our everyday lives.
Http://helldesign.net. "KurzweilAI | Accelerating Intelligence." KurzweilAI Brain Study Reveals How
Successful Students Overcome Math Anxiety Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2017.
Thanks you for the great advice I will definitely will practice having positive mindset, before quizzes and
tests, I will try to go to bed early the night before, pray diligently Lord, thank you that you are with me
right now, Your love surpasses all fear, I give you the anxiety I feel, I surrender all my worries to you,
Clear my mind, Calm my heart, Still my Spirit, Relax my being, That I may always glorify you In
everything I write, speak and do. Amen! Then I will be sure to eat a big breakfast, get my notes in
order, and gave myself a peep talk! I will also Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice math in
your daily life, the more comfortable you will feel using it. I will give yourself a pat on the back every
time you answer a problem correctly and do not get discouraged if you hit a road block.
I like that you post one my biggest issues is being diligent with time management and good study habits.
Being diligent is an essential skill in all aspects of life. It involves being able to focus and concentrate
persistently to achieve the completion of the task at hand. By maintaining focus and self-discipline and
by practicing self-care, you can be diligent in your work and accomplish your goals, whether personal,
professional or academic. I tend to overextend and overloaded myself with obligations. Sometimes life
intervenes and makes it difficult to focus or finish a project on time. My goal to prioritize work diligently
to finish this math course strong, have a positive mindset understanding that my consistent thoughts
become your reality. Even though I am anxious about math, I love and accept myself; I choose to learn to
make math fun.