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Truth or myth - Carbohydrates

Truth or myth?
1) Carbohydrate loading for endurance athletes
a. First, deplete glycogen supply by extensive exercise and/or low-carb diet for several
b. A few days before the event, switch to a carb rich diet which leads to double or tripling
the amount of glycogen that is stored (up to 300g)
c. During events, need drink with soluble carb (usually glucose), water, sodium and
potassium as glucose is depleted after about an hour.
d. Do not consume above beverage before event as it can actually cause hypoglycemia due
to insulin overcompensation.
2) Galactose can be poisonous to some people. A condition called Galactosemia.
a. What is the missing enzyme?
b. What must the patient avoid? What disaccharide is often consumed that must be
c. What happens to person if galactose is consumed?
d. What is the treatment?
e. What is the frequency?
3) Artificial sweeteners are better for you than carbohydrate sweeteners.
a. Sorbitol
b. Sucralose
c. Aspartame
d. Stevia