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Live Your Dream to Study in UAE by Cracking Fully Funded Scholarships Programs

Live Your Dream to Study in UAE by
Cracking Fully Funded international
Scholarships Programs
In recent years, the United Arab Emirates have invested significant time, energy
and funding in the development of their education sector and have introduced a
wide variety of generous scholarships for international students.
Khalifa University (KU), along with its partners, offers a number of undergraduate
scholarships for both UAE national and non-national students. Full scholarships
covering 100 % of tuition fees are provided to UAE national students. Monthly
stipends are also provided to eligible UAE national students based on their
Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). Details are as follows. This is subject to
conditions stipulated in the General Scholarship Terms and Conditions.
A limited number of full scholarships are available for non-national
students with outstanding academic performance and personal
qualities. These scholarships are very highly competitive.
Flying fees and the high-end competition overseas is creating
enormous pressure among the students, when it comes to education.
There are a plethora of questions pertaining to further education in
the mind of an aspirant. Overall, to pave the path of professional life
and to build a skill-set in a particular field, it is vital to come up with a
rightful graduate program. This stage can be claimed as a turning
point in the life of a student, and if not researched wisely, things can
fall off from the place. Nevertheless, finalizing a university for the
prospects is not enough, added to this, it is imperative to shutter up
the equitable scholarship for degree students as well.
If your target is to seize the scholarship
opportunities overseas, especially in any of the
graduate programs, then, Dubai will turn out as
a full-fledged option. It does not matter which
stream you are following such as
undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate;
universities over here are nothing but bliss.
Scholarships in Dubai are considered the best
for international students as it attuned with topnotch facilities, eminent education criteria
without paying a penny. Furthermore, on a
professional front, it will aid you in short listing
potential graduate programs.
scholarship programs
It brings me down to share my experience studying here in Dubai under the
guidance of preeminent faculty and education surroundings of Khalifa University.
While, in my earlier days, I was pretty confused concerning the undergraduate
programs to choose as it was essential for me to look at the full scholarship
universities. Being an international student, the decision of studying in Dubai is a
risky task, and if it is coupled with post-graduate, graduate and
undergraduate scholarship programs in Dubai for international students
then it will take you off beam.
There are pretty exciting programs available in the university, and if we go with
the number game then, around 12 undergraduate programs are open. Well, when
I was going through this phase, two questions popped out in my mind.
 Are all these programs accessible for full funded scholarship?
 Are these programs unlocked for international students in UAE?
Out of my surprise, I was lucky enough to grab undergraduate scholarships for
international students, and my chosen course was “Bachelor of Science in
Chemical engineering.” You can select courses as per your skill as there are varied
options in engineering, arts, science, and even for minors.
Being from a science background and passionate about chemicals and
compounds, I was very sure to pursue in this field. And when I got enlighten
about the fully funded international scholarships, things turn easy.
Let me help you with, how can you grab the chance to attain full scholarship
programs. The range of scholarship starts from 0% to 50%. 0% means full
scholarship, and 50% means half tuition fees. Now, you must be wondering about
the criteria. The game is all about the CGPA which begins from <2.0 and goes to
>= 3.0. So, if you are an international student with CGPA < 2.0, then get ready for
0% tuition fees. I was lucky with my CGPA, which helped me in reaching
undergraduate engineering scholarships.
The similar criterion goes on for almost
every Graduate scholarship programs; all
you need is to be updated with the recent
changes and terms. It will lend you a
helping hand; also don't forget to work on
your academic excellence too.
Hope, my experience and knowledge about
scholarship for degree students have given
you a bright idea. Stay focused towards
your goal as getting seats in the universities
of UAE with full scholarship option is a bit
of hard task. Keep on with the upcoming
Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 current
news and then make your decision.
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