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Complaint Handling

• What type of complaints would you deal
• What do you believe your role is when
dealing with complaints
Goals When Handling
Guest/Owner Complaints
• Provide Customer Satisfaction
• Restore Oaks Hotels and Resorts Image
Lets look at the Numbers
- 4% of unhappy customers complain (to us)
- 96% do not (but will complain to others)
- A typical dissatisfied customer will tell 8 -10 people
about their problem.
- A happy customer will only tell 3 – 4 people
Taking Responsibility
Every problem or complaint – you need to
Why Do Guests Become
Dealing with Complaints
L – listen
E – empathise
A – apologise
R – react
• N – notify
For Understanding :
• Do not interrupt - let them get it out
• Actively listen - focus on what they say
• Assess the severity of the complaint in the eyes of the
• Important to remain calm – Do
not take it
– Acknowledge your understanding
– When finished – I can understand that you are upset, I will follow
up for you”
– Tone of voice – show interest in their problem or concern
– Use professional/positive language
– Avoid disagreement or getting defensive
– If going to take time – “Can you give me a contact number so
that I can call you back as soon as possible”
– Not wise to
refer the person to another at this stage
– An apology is the most important part of handling a
– “I am sorry to see that you are upset but I am glad
you have come to talk to me about this situation”
– If it was our responsibility – acknowledge this
and apologise
– You are not necessarily accepting personal blame
for the problem
• Check for understanding
• Questions encourage the other person to provide factual
information (open, closed, probing)
• Do whatever you need to do to rectify the problem – take
• Inform the customer what you will be doing
• Focus on a solution
• Devise a plan of action
• Do not make promises that may not be kept – will only add
to the problem
Take ownership
Follow up – higher authority
Who do you need to let know about the problem?
Who do you need to go to ‘fix’ the problem?
Does an Incident report need to be completed?
• Fore-warning and explaining to manager
• Allows time for guest/owner to calm down
• Will ensure person does not feel neglected – when follow
up occurs
Angry Customers
• Sometimes you need Time Out
• Upset, want to cry, yell at the other person
– allow time out for situation
“Excuse me a moment while I check the policy on this”
“I would like to get my supervisor’s opinion on this”
“I need to verify some information on the file”
“I need to discuss how to best solve this - I will only be a moment”
Abusive Language
and Swearing
• Express your feelings:
• “I find it upsetting when you swear at me, please stop”
• Point out the negative consequence:
• “When you yell at me I find it difficult to concentrate on a solution
to your problem
• Ask for a change:
• “Please stop speaking to me like that”
• Point out that the other person has a choice of behaviour:
• “It is not necessary to swear at me to make your point”
• Let the abuse run its course and then calmly get on with the
• “I would like to help you”
• As a last resort let the person know that you will leave the situation
if the abuse continues
Guest Complaint Process
Complaint sent to Head Office
Customer Service Specialist forwards complaint to Hotel Manager for
comment / investigation
Hotel Manager - write draft letter addressing issue and forward back to
Customer Service Specialist for checking
Once checked they will contact Hotel Manager who is required to send the
letter to Guest.
Complaint letter sent directly to property
Hotel Manager to respond to complaint and send draft response to
Customer Service Specialist for checking prior to sending to Guest.
Customer Service Specialists role is to assist hotels – however it is Hotel
Manager’s responsibility to investigate complaint with staff and write draft
Guest Complaints
Process to follow
CRO agent must deal with in first instance
May need advice / authority (Supervisor/coordinator)
Refer to Hotel Manager if unable to resolve complaint
Must respond within one business day (Phone call goes a long way to
diffuse situation)
Serious complaints – Hotel Manager must discuss with Executive
Hotel Manager/Revenue Manager (for resolution) or Chief Operating
In all
instances with complaints
Investigate the complaint
Respond to the guest
Owner Complaints
Process to follow
Owner complaints are to directed to Head Office:
1. Head Office representative will respond firstly via phone/email
2. Will liaise with Hotel Manager to investigate complaint
3. Courtney will inform Chief Operating Officer and Owners Team
In all instances with complaints
Assess the claim,
Investigate the claim
Respond to the owner
Hotel Managers/Executive Managers – required to send a copy of
correspondence to owners (keep copy of file)
Key Points
• What are the key issues?
• Could the issue have been avoided? If so how?
• How would you have handled this issue?
• What are the relationship issues you need to
keep in mind ie Guests / Owners / Regular Guests
• What are some possible solutions?