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Written Task Rationale

Written Task Rationale
Your rationale is important as explains to the examiner what the ideas behind your written task are.
It should be clear, concise and to-the-point.
What information should be included
Your written task coversheet includes the following information:
Title (if appropriate): - some written tasks require a title (magazine articles etc.)
Area of Communication: - this could be Poetic, Professional or Mass Communication. You
may not have 2 written tasks from the same area of communication
Purpose: - what do you hope to achieve with the task
Context (where appropriate): - some tasks might require contextual explanation
The following is important to include in your rationale. You could consider to make these subheadings within your rationale.
Your objectives and how you have attempted to achieve them
Specific examples showing how this was done
Comments on how the task demonstrates an understanding of the cultural or literary option
on which it is based
Your rationale may include other relevant information but the above MUST be answered.
Remember to keep your writing straightforward. Avoid overly intricate or flowery language. Get to
the point. If you cannot then there is something wrong and you should come and see me.
Good luck!