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Optics Unit Review Sheets

SNC 2D – Optics Unit Review Sheets
Name: ___________________________________________
The following concepts are all important in the chemistry unit. Add as much information as you can to
help you prepare for the test. This will also be helpful for reviewing for the final exam at the end of the
course. These review sheets should be handed in on the day of the test to be assessed.
What is Light
(Electromagnetic Spectrum, ROYGBIV, Sources of
Light, LED, Lasers)
Rectilinear Propogation
(Shadows, Eclipses, How light strikes objects)
Law of Reflection & Reflection off Plane Mirrors
(angle of incidence = angle of reflection, reflection of objects)
Images in Concave (Converging Mirrors)
Images in Convex (Diverging Mirrors)
Specular and Diffuse Reflection
Converging Lenses
Diverging Lenses
Total Internal Reflection & Critical Angle
The Human Eye
Additive and Subtractive Colour Theories