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The object of Kemps is to get four of a kind (i.e., four
cards of the same rank), and then to covertly signal this
your partner. The partner must yell "Kemps!" to score.
Prior to the game, partners confer to pick the secret
signal that will indicate to each other that they have four
of a kind. There are many kinds of signals, such as
tapping, gesturing, holding your cards a certain way, etc.
However, signals that are below the table are illegal.
Partners sit diagonal each other, with the playing surface
in the middle, so that opponents have a chance to see
the signal. (Or not.)
Each player is dealt four cards to begin the game.
Four cards are turned face up on the central playing
surface. All players may swap one of their cards for one of
the central cards at any time.
If it appears that no further swaps are desired, a player
will verify this and say "flush" to clear the central four
cards, and then turn up four new central cards.
Cards that have been cleared may not be retrieved, so
their ranks cannot be collected in full to complete the
game objective.
If a player calls "Kemps!" their partner must have four of a
kind. If yes, they gain a point, if not, the team loses a point.
However, if a player believes that an opponent has four of
a kind, but before "Kemps!" is called by their partner, they
may cut by saying "cut”. When you cut, the opponent you
think has four of a kind must show their cards. If they have
it, you get a point, if not, you lose a point.