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A Complete Guide on UV Filter or Novice Photographers

A Complete Guide on UV Filter or Novice Photographers
A UV filter is a widely used digital camera filter attachment that is placed right in front of
the camera lens to block ultraviolet rays from the sun. It used to be a necessary camera
component for film photography but in the advent of digital cameras, modern
photographers use them as protective accessories for their lenses. As such, there can be all
kinds of false information about this useful accessory out there, especially since
photographers themselves disagree about the true essence of UV filters. While some may
swear that they are important accessories to have, others think they are somewhat a waste
of money. To gauge whether a UV filter is the right digital camera filter for your use-basis, it
pays having a deeper understanding of what this camera accessory does.
The most basic function of a UV filter is to block UV light, so only the right amount enters
the lens. It is essentially a sunscreen for the lenses of your camera. Since old photography
films were extremely sensitive to light, the absence of a UV filter often meant bluish and
hazy photographs. This was an especially common dilemma for outdoor shots where there’s
lots of UV light, such as a really sunny environment as well as high-altitude shoots.
The thing about modern digital sensors and much newer films is that they aren’t as
sensitive, hence affected by UV light the way that old films are. What this means is that you
don’t really need a UV filter to take good photos and eliminate the bluish haze that UV light
produces in old films. However, UV filters still make sense as protective accessories as they
help preserve the quality of your lenses by blocking UV light, which can be damaging to
your tools when there’s overexposure.
The reason why many photographers use certain types of digital camera filter as protective
accessories is that they’d rather break a $35 UV filter rather than drop thousands of dollars
on a new lens or a front element repair. Filters offer a good protection over your expensive
equipment, making them worthwhile investments even in this day and age of digital SLRs.