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HS2200: Week 1 Assignment
How does understanding the history, evolution, and political
perspectives of social welfare help you as an HHS professional?
This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s
presentations and readings.
As a HHS professional, you will be expected to know the different
perspectives of social welfare including its history and political perspectives.
Social Welfare: Past and Present
Use chapter 1 of your textbook to answer the following questions.
1. Social welfare promotes the ______ of people.
☐ intelligence
☒ social well-being
☐ wealth
☐ none of these apply
2. _________ is considered to be a program within social welfare services
☒ job training
☐ theft prevention
☐ fraud detection
☐ none of these apply
3. The Elizabethan Poor Law was created to help _____ people in the 1600’s.
☐ rich
☒ poor
☐ independent
☐ none of these apply
4. Many people in America became poor, homeless and in need of social welfare services during the
______ in the 1930’s.
☒ Great Depression
☐ welfare month
☐ Renaissance
☐ none of these apply
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5. When public assistance was established, it was based on ______ of clients.
☐ idealisms
☐ attitudes
☒ needs
☐ none of these apply
The Ecological System Perspective
Use chapter 3 of your textbook to answer the following questions.
6. The way professionals who work with people perceive the world is called ________.
☒ world view
☐ norming
☐ sightseeing
☐ none of these apply
7. It is important for HHS workers to maintain appropriate ______ with clients.
☒ boundary
☐ system
☐ location
☐ none of these apply
8. __________________help to shape an individual’s functioning.
☒ ethnicity and culture
☐ obesity
☐ wealth
☐ none of these apply
9. A client’s ________ can impact their behaviors.
☒ class
☐ environment
☐ diet
☐ none of the above
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10. A ______ is composed of separate but interacting dependent parts.
☒ system
☐ pin point
☐ discovery
☐ contract
Critical Thinking Questions
Answer the following questions accurately in your own words. Use course resources from your readings
and the internet to answer the question. Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
11. Some of the earliest social welfare services began with the Elizabethan Poor Laws that
were created in England in the 1600’s. Services and resources were provided to the
elderly, sick and children living in poverty. These laws were impactful as they shifted
responsibility from the church to the government taking responsibility for providing social
welfare services. Explain whether you agree that the federal government should be
responsible for providing social welfare services to all people in need or just for certain
groups of people in need.
Federal government should not be responsible for voting for people’s rights to social welfare due to
the people in the federal government are more stable than the people they are voting to get the
12. When the Social Security Act was passed in 1935, it provided: Old Age Assistance, Aid to
Dependent Children and Aid to the Blind. Explain in your own words why this law was so
important for people in need.
The social security act was very important because it helps people whom are disable is and may not
be able to work to provide for themselves.
13. Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules, or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable,
safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them and how they will respond
when someone passes those limits. HHS workers need to maintain proper boundaries while
working with clients in this field. Identify three boundaries you would uphold while working with
clients and explain why you feel those boundaries are important.
Explanation of importance
Type answer here
Type answer here
Type answer here
Type answer here
Type answer here
Type answer here
14. Societal influences include living in poverty, experiencing racism, sexism, etc. Consider your own
experience as an example and explain how society has influenced your own values and attitudes.
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coming up in poverty many people are comfortable with only graduating high school and working a
minimal wage job. Society has put in our head that we have to struggle when that is completely
15. List three issues facing women related to social welfare.
a. Type answer here
b. Type answer here
c. Type answer here
16. Conservative and Progressive/Liberal views of social welfare differ drastically. Review the two
different perspectives on welfare in the table below. Explain which view point you agree with and
why you support that perspective.
Progressive / Liberal/Universalism
Oppose long-term welfare. Believe
that people experience poverty due
to poor life choices, and government
support should be limited to help
those in need. Encourage people to
become self-reliant, rather than
allowing them to remain dependent
on the government for provisions.
Support belief that everyone should
have access to receive social welfare
benefits, including long-term
welfare. Welfare is a safety net which
provides for people in need. Welfare is
necessary to bring fairness to American
economic life.
Source: (c) 2018 Student News Daily
I believe in the second block for progressive/ liberal/ universalism. I want everyone to be able use the
social welfare. Being able to have the safety net will help the everyday working class who has bills that are
never the same price which causes they not to have funds work a lot of other things like food and etc.
Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the question below. You may choose
to respond in writing or by recording a video!
17. Think about the history of social welfare and where it is today. Explain why social welfare has
evolved so drastically throughout the years and provide one example of something that you believe
would provide more assistance to those utilizing social welfare programs.
Type answer here
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