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LM-Q1-Week 1


Week 1

Day 1

Think and Tell

Look at the pictures.

Noting Details

1. What animal is in the first picture? How about in the second picture?

2. How are these animals similar? How they differ?

3. If you are going to choose between these animals, who will you want to be?


Find Out and Learn

Let us read the following lines of the characters in the story heard using appropriate facial expressions.

 “Don’t move! I’m going to eat you this minute.”

 “I have to use my wits instead of my legs”

 “I could have been a good dinner for you last year. I was then very fat and plump. But I had three babies then. Now I’m slim and not delicious”.

Try and Learn

Work with your group.

Gr.1- Have a short role playing about “The Sly Fox”

Gr.2- Deliver the lines of the fox and wolf with appropriate facial expressions)

Gr. 3- Draw the scenes of the story “The Sly Fox”

Do and


Choose the letter of the word group that best answers the question or completes the sentence.

1. How does the story open? a. It introduces the characters of the story. b. c. d.

It gives background information on the characters

It tells where the story happened.

It started with dialogue between the two characters.

2. What characters does the story have? a. Two animal characters. b. Two human characters. c. An animal and a human character. d. A moon and two animal characters.

3. Which describes the setting of the story? a. A bright day in the forest forest b. A dark night in the forest forest.

4. Why did the wolf not eat the fox? a. The wolf would eat the baby foxes instead. b. The fox offered him something good and fat. c. A rainy afternoon in the d. A full moon night in the c. The wolf took pity on the fox. d. The fox was able to escape from the wolf.

5. What could have happened to the wolf? a. He was able to get the piece of the meat at the bottom of the well. b. He had a delicious dinner at the bottom of the well. c. He and the fox became good friends. d. He drowned in the well.


 Use of appropriate facial expressions in delivering the lines of the characters in the story helps in making the story more realistic, creative and emotional. The listeners feel more excited to know what will happen next and they become more imaginative.

 Noting details of a story means pointing out the characters around which the story revolves, the place and when it happened and the series of actions that make the story itself.

Day 2 Inferring Meaning of Unfamiliar Compound Words Based on

Context Clues, Synonyms and Antonyms.

Think and Tell

Find Out and Learn

Read the following words:

A backpack


Have you experienced riding a bus?

Did you experience witnessing a commotion in your community?

What did you feel?

B front door back lawn

C mother-in-law editor-in-chief

How many words were combined to form new word and new meaning?

What do you call the words with two or more words that are combined together to form a new word and new meaning?

How do compound words in column A written? In column B? in column C?


Compound words are words that are combined together to

form new words and new meanings.

 Compound words can be written as one word. It is called closed compound word.

Ex. Backpack, overpass, notebook

 Compound word can be written as two words. It is called open compound word

Ex. Front door, boxing ring

 Compound word can also be written with hyphen. It is called hyphenated- compound word.

Ex. mother-in-law, hand-in-hand, attorney-at-law

Try and Learn

Read the sentences. Answer the questions that follow. a. The sky was overcast, rain was expected because it was cloudy afternoon.

What word in the sentence hint the meaning of the unfamiliar word? b. I have read the foreword of the book “Mother’s Wit”. What word is synonymous to foreword? ( conclusion, introduction, content) c. His statement was an example of falsehood. What word has opposite meaning with falsehood? ( truth, lies, rumor)

Do and Learn

A. Box the meaning of the compound word through context clues.

1. I have read the headline of the newspaper today, it is front story written in bold letters.

2. Mr. Mercado gives a piece of advice to his son-in-law. The husband of his daughter wants to go abroad.

B. Underline the synonym of the compound word in the following sentences.

1. Parents provide backstop during Brigada Eskwela. (assistance, food, ideas)

2. Two weeks later,Erianne was cleaning out the small bag she carried with her everywhere when she found a thin, black leather billfold. ( bag, jacket, wallet)

C. Encircle the antonym of the compound word in each sentence.

1. The policemen broadcast the issue of illegal logging. ( tell new, spread, hide)

2. Luisa wants to stay at the backside. (bottom, front, left)

Learn Some More

Write the compound words that mean the following.

__________________ bell by the door

__________________ ache or pain at the back of the body

__________________cake fried on a pan

__________________room where classes are held

__________________cloth to cover


 Compound words come from two or more words that are combined together to form a new word and a new meaning.

 Context clues hint the parts of a sentence or paragraph that come before or after the unfamiliar word.

 Synonyms are words with similar meanings.

 Antonyms are words with opposite meanings.

Write about It

Using your own understanding of the words, define the following words and compound words. Use the compound words in meaningful sentences.

1. boxing-_____________________________________________


boxing ring- _________________________________________


2. finger-______________________________________________


finger print-__________________________________________


Day 3 Aspects of Verbs

Think and Tell

Look at these pictures.

Do you take care of your environment?

What activity do you usually do to take care of our environment?

Find Out and Learn

Read and analyze the following words.




- ex- president

nonsense post(after) + date= after the dat super(more than) + natural= more than the natural ex( former)+ president= former president non(without) + sense= without sense multitask multi(many) + task= many task

B colorless cheerful breakable

adulthood color+ less(without)= without color cheer+ ful (full of)= full of cheer break + able (having the quality= having the quality to break adult+ hood(state/condition of being)= state of being adult

In what part of the words in set A do the syllables added? (at the beginning)

-Syllables added at the beginning of a word are called prefixes.

In what part of the words in set B do the syllables added? (at the last part)

-Syllables added at the last part of the word are called suffixes.

Say: Prefixes and suffixes change the meaning of words

Try and Learn

Study the following sentences. Then, answer the following questions.

The president continues to motivate people to take

care of the environment.


The teachers continue to

motivate pupils to take care of

the environment.


He continued working with the group his father founded since 2002.

They will continue

to inspire people of all ages.

Look at the sentences in tree A and B. When are you going to add –s or –es in your verb?

Look at the sentence in tree C. What will be added to a regular verb when the action was done already? How about in irregular verb?

Look at tree D. What modal will be added to the base form of the verb to express futurity?

Do and Learn

The following sentences are written in past tense. Rewrite them in present and future tense on the lines below.

a. The rain fell on the green valley.

Present tense:_____________________________________________________

Future tense:______________________________________________________ b. Jane borrowed Richard’s eraser.

Present tense:_____________________________________________________

Future tense:______________________________________________________ c. The shark swam through the ocean.

Present tense:____________________________________________________

Future tense:_____________________________________________________

Learn Some More

Compose sentences using the given sets of words. Refer to the word enclosed in the parentheses to know the tense of the verb to be used in each item.

Ex: Carlito, swim, beach, (present)

Carlito swims at the beach. a. Angel, read, pocketbook, (future)

____________________________________________________________ b. Pila, celebrate, Pailah Festival, last year (past)

____________________________________________________________ c. Farmers, plant, rice, May ( present)




If the action is being done in the present time, the verb is in present tense .


If the action is done already in the past time, the verb is in past tense .


If the action is to be done in future time , the verb is in future tense.








Day 4 Planning a Two to Three Paragraph Composition Using an Outline/

Other Graphic Organizers

Think and Tell

Who is in the picture?

What makes him so popular around the world?

What characteristic of a Filipino does he signify?

As a Filipino, how do you show respect to others? To God?

Find Out and Learn

calls older brother

"Kuya",an d sister


Analyze the following graphic organizer. Answer the questions that follow.

Fiilipino as respectful person


Fiilipino as Godloving

Person using "po" and "opo" prays not only for himself kisses the hands of parents/gra ndparents shows due respect to parents, elders and people in authority loves his neighbors believes in one God

Based on the Semantic web, who is a respectful person and a God-loving person? patterns life the way God wants it

How do Filipinos show respect to others?

How do Filipinos show love to God?

Now, let us plan a two-paragraph composition using the details of the semantic web.

A Filipino is a respectful person. He calls older brother “kuya” and older sister “ate”. He kisses the hands of his parents and grandparents. He is always using “po” and “opo”. He shows de respect to parents, elders and people in authority.

A Filipino is also a God-loving person. He believes in one God. He patterns his life the way

God wants it. He loves his neighbors. And most of all, he prays not only for himself.

Try and Learn

Using the details of the semantic web, plan a two-paragraph composition.

Fresh gardens








Wondrous Famous



Do and Learn

The outline contains a personality of a Filipino. Write a two-

paragraph composition using the following details.

The Filipinos are humans and concerned to his fellowmen.

A. Cares for himself and to his fellowmen.

B. Thoughtful, loving, understanding, helpful, friendly and charitable.

C. Ready to give a helping hand when needed.

D. Ready to share laughter to cheer up those who are lonely.


 The clustering graphic organizer shows and separates the developed ideas from other ideas.

 The use of graphic organizers and outlines provides the organization of ideas easy to understand, making learning more enjoyable.

Day 5 Forms and Conventions of Films and Moving Pictures

Think and Tell

Are you fond of watching videos?

What kind of video do you like?

What things do you notice when the video is already playing?

Find Out and Learn

Read and analyze the following terms: a. Setting - can be used for a number of purposes

It might be used for:

• Realism - (Time and place of setting is made known)

• Atmosphere - (Reinforce desired mood)

E.g. Horror movies

Symbolism - (Can be conveyed through setting)

E.g. a storm can represent inner turmoil b. Characterization – a narrative might use

• Sympathetic characters- With whom the audience strongly identifies with.

They may share qualities and values.

• Unsympathetic Characters- Audience dislikes. May increase sympathy to main character. c. Performance/ Acting - This will also affect the way an audience responds. Elements of performance include facial expressions, body language and delivery of lines. d. Direction(Props, Sets and Locations) - can influence our interpretation of character as contribute to the atmosphere of the film. e. Camera Work/blocking - Frequent use of close-ups can encourage the audience to identify with a character.

Wide shots can emphasize the beauty of a scene or give a sense of emptiness.

Different angles can make characters appear powerful and threatening or weak and frightened. f. Lighting - Soft and harsh lighting can manipulate a viewer's attitude towards a setting or a character.

The way light is used can make objects, people and environments look beautiful or ugly, soft or harsh, artificial or real. Light may be used expressively or realistically.

• Backlighting.

A romantic heroine is often backlit to create a halo effect on her hair.

Try and Learn

Watch the short film to be played. Then, answer the following items.

(“Stellar Moves: The Story of Pluto”)

1. The setting of the short film is ( realistic, atmospheric, symbolic)

2. In characterization, box the sympathetic characters and encircle the unsympathetic characters. (Pluto and Stellar, Earth and other Planets)

3. Regarding the performance/ acting, what are the facial expressions conveyed in the film?

4. What kind of props, sets, locations are used in the short film.

5. Does the short film show proper blocking? Are all the characters visible in each scene?

Do and Learn

Choose a scene from the short film. Describe only one from the listed

forms and conventions of film.

Talk About It

Answer the following questions

Moves: The Story of Pluto”. based on the short film “Stellar `

1. What is the film all about?

2. What fictional characters are used in the short film?

3. Who are the main characters of the short film?

4. How did the story begin?

5. What does Stellar wants Pluto to do after watching the TV show?

6. What did Pluto think of himself when Stellar asked him to join in the contest?

7. What did the friends do to make them ready for the contest?

8. Who among the characters had shown being impolite?

9. What did Pluto do to show love for his friend Stellar?

10. How did the story end?







Acting/ Directions Blocking