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Crucible Elizabeth

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Pierce Ray
Ms. Phillips
English III - 6
12 November 2019
The Crucible Writing Assignment
Role: Elizabeth
I’m sitting alone in my room, I didn’t do anything, but I bleed from my stomach. I did not
do anything to deserve this, but that witch Elizabeth used witchcraft on me. She used a poppet I
guarantee it, she stuck the poppet with a needle. Elizabeth needs to be trialed she is trying to kill
me, I wasn’t doing any harm to her. I’ll put in her in the court she did this to me, I know that
they’ll warrant her, surely they will get her. I must tell the court of what she has done to me using
her witchcraft, they’ll go and get her, “given sixteen warrant tonight, she is the one” (Act II, pg
202). Sixteen warrants will do the job she will have to go to court for what she did to me, I
haven’t even been in contact with her, but I know Mary Warren made that poppet of me for her,
“she sat long hours in a chair and passed time sewing” (Act II, pg 194). This must have her hung,
there is nothing that witch can do to be free, and I’ll be happy again and no longer be hurt by her.
The witches will finally leave Salem, and then I can go on and not be tormented any longer. I do
know Mary Warren better not betray me, “she knows she cannot, and that we’ll turn on her” (Act
II, pg 205). Luckily, she knows better, I’ll be safe and not have to worry about Elizabeth hurting
me anymore.