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The Neighbourhood
Four years after their last stop, The Neighbourhood returned to the city on Friday, November 1. After
being devastated by the sold out tickets four years ago, this time, I stopped at nothing to acquire tickets. Seven
months later, the night had finally come.
Although November 1st seemed like just a regular Friday night to have a concert, for me it was not. It
was college deadline day, which meant if I was to make it to the concert, all of my applications needed to be
sent it before then. Thankfully, I was smart enough to do so. When that week began all I could think about was
the excitement of November 1st, while my classmates were dreading it, for obvious reasons.
My friends and I made our way to Revolution Live in Ft.Lauderdale, a cute little venue which is perfect
for artists who want a more personal concert. Of course, Miami traffic made what would normally be a 30
minutes drive into an hour drive, but we somehow made it on time. Unlike most of the concerts I go to, there
was a surprising balanced mix of teens and adults. As we made our way inside, we met up with Diego and his
friends, who luckily were further up in the crowd and granted us some great spots.
The lights dimmed, and the first opening act began to perform. Personally, the music she was playing
was not the best, and I instantly was not a fan. Once she finished performing there was a brief intermission and
the second act began performing. The band was “Slow Hollows,” and they had a very typical indie-band type of
feel. Although I did not love their music, it was certainly better than the first act. At this point, I had been at the
venue for 3 hours with no water and no sitting, and all my friends and I wanted to do was leave. Fortunately, we
At 10 P.M. the actual concert actually began. The lights dimmed and Jesse came out covered in silver
paint. It was a little weird, but he opened the concert up with “Stuck with Me.” He would swing from some sort
of metal contraception hanging from the ceiling, and because my friends and I were so close, we were afraid he
would accidentally fall on us. Later they performed “Livin’ in a Dream” and gave a tribute to Nipsey Hussle
who was featured on the song. The concert continued, and although it was good, I was so tired from having
waited so long and having dealt with inconsiderate people, all I wanted to do was go home.
Overall, although it was not a bad concert, it was definitely not my favorite out of the many I have been
to. The situation was a bit unorganized, the venue was not ideal (compared to their previous concert at the
Fillmore), and the opening acts were mediocre at best. Nonetheless, it was a distinct experience.