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Finding a Budget liveaboard on the Red Sea

Finding a Budget liveaboard on the Red Sea
The Red Sea is considered to offer the best diving in Egypt and the best way to explore it is via
a Budget liveaboard on the Red sea. Why pay more when you can get good quality coupled
with affordability?
Recently, Egypt was declared as a top 10 diving destination in the world by Dive travel – and
for the right reasons! Where else can you get a great liveaboard for under 800 Euros for a full
week of diving – compared to other diving destinations, linerboards in Egypt are well within the
budget of most ardent dive travellers.
The first step is to plan your trip and find a quality liveaboard that does not cost an arm and a
leg but gives you very comfortable and safety oriented diving at value for money prices.
Diving from Hurghada on a budget liveaboard allows you to visit all the sites in the Red Sea –
be it the northern wrecks, central routes like Brother, Dadelus and Elphinstone as well as the
southern routes visiting St. Johns or Fury shoals. Enjoy shark encounters, dolphin encounters
and other large pelagic life, fantastic variety of coral at Jackson’s reef, the swimthroughs of St.
Johns, the wall drifts at Elphinstone or one of the best wrecks in the world – Thistlegorm, there
is something for everyone at a budget price.
With our budget liveaboard Enigma (part of www.red-sea-relax.com) and based in Hurghada
we do 7 days trips to cover all the best dive sites in our itinerary. And to experience the best
diving possible we’re very flexible and time our dives with the tides. Some dive sites are better
in rising tide and some are better in falling tide. We try to take this in consideration when we
plan our dives.
Liveaboard Diving in Egypt suits everybody but we do recommend to that you do your
refresher course before coming and have at least 50 logged dives.
Airport transfers, 7 nights on a well designed liveaboard, 5 meals a day and upto 4 dives on a
day makes a Red Sea Livaboard one of the best deals that you can lay your hands on.
Now with the Hurghada to Sharm El Sheikh car and passenger ferry in action, you can
experience the best of both worlds – a budget liveaboard followed by a few days of rest and
relaxation in the most chilled out town in Egypt – Dahab. Our Resort – Red Sea Relax is right
in the heart of Dahab on the waterfront with a house reef metres away from the shore and onsite
facilities like a swimming pool, restaurant, bar and PADI dive center on premises – whether
you want to Scuba dive, free dive or improve your diving skills by doing a PADI dive course,
we have you covered.
Cave in, get hammered or get wrecked – you get the drift!
If you need more information about our budget liveaboard on the red sea, or our red sea resort
go to www.red-sea-relax.com and don’t hesitate to contact us for the best discounts and deals.
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