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Drafts Musings Letter

how successful ceos spend their time
reaveals what makes them successful, habits, mindset, daily practices
draw some similarities at the start first
women are traditionally underrepresented in middle management and even more so in upper
Female entrepreneur
Inner workings of a business organization
Chinese working culture.
I believe being able to shadow for a day will personally be a life-changing experience. As she’s a successful
CEO, doing so will reveal to me how she spends her time and in turn, her daily practices, habits and
mindset. Like, I have always harboured the dream of building my own brand and starting my own business,
but have been unclear on how to navigate doing so. I know that I can learn tremendously from Jane Sun
if granted the opportunity as like her, I am also a female trying to find my own footing in a male-dominated
start-up industry. I strongly believe that the experiences and challenges faced by would be relevant to my
own as well, and understand from her how she overcame the many obstacles in her way to succeed in
circumstances that were not inclined in her favour. Besides, getting to shadow her would grant me
precious first-hand experience on the inner workings of a business organisation. On top of that, it would
also expose me to the Chinese working culture which differs significantly from that of Singapore’s. China
is a growing market that should not be overlooked by businesses. Additionally, it would be novel and
interesting to experience how a Chinese business operates, in comparison to MNCS from USA or SMEs in
Singapore. As a business student who has completed a number of internships in MNCS, it would be a
refreshing change to gain exposure and business sense from the CEO of a well-established Chinese
Who is looking for a great experience to start his/her professional career in HR
Highly hands-on, tactical, strategic
Exciting and challenging new role
Embrace our fundamental values of ownership, mastery, results driver, partnership
Friendly, family and genuine culture
Administration of HRS to ensure data accuracy in reporting
Manage logistics
Work with local partners to support or implement Grifols policies and procedures in apac
Talent projects
Two different HR internships
Exposed me to different areas of HR
Continuously piques my interest
I enjoy working on policies and using this internship opportunity to gain more experience in HR
More administrative based and employee focused
Would also like to immerse myself in a different industry, broaden my horizon
Dear Sir/Ma’am.
I am writing this letter to express my interest in the HR internship position.
Having prior internship experiences in both HR and finance, I now have an appreciation and conviction to
pursue HR as a career after my university graduation. As I would be graduating in May 2020, this would
be the final opportunity for me to gain internship experience.
My HR internship at Marriott International broadened my exposure to HR and the various roles it entails.
That was my first internship in HR and it focused mainly on talent acquisition and events management.
At Eastman Chemical, where I have just concluded my second HR internship, I continued to gain real-life
exposure. This time, my internship focused on compensation and policy-making. Throughout both
internships, I also realized the importance of employee relations and the significance of HR in the company
in improving employee well-being.
I am passionate about HR and pursuing it as a career after my studies. Before I graduate however, I would
very much like to be granted a final opportunity in interning one last time. The experiences I have gained
through internships complement my theoretical academic studies well. And as I undergo my final
semester of university, I hope to be able to apply what I have learnt in school while interning.
Thank you for taking the time to look through my application and please feel free to reach out if you have
any questions. I hope to hear from you soon.
Warmest regards,
Jocelyn Lee