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Copy of Sound Review Guided Notes with ways to implement CFU Questions

Sound Review Notes
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____________Sound_________________________________ is a wave that vibrates particles of matter
______________________Vibration________________________ a rapid back and forth movement
Silent Solo
CFU-What is the connection between “Sound” & “Vibration”? _____________________________
______________________________ Vibrations are the way that sound is made _____________________________
Decibels (dB)
Decibels are a measurement of _________________________________.
10 dB _______________________, _______________________ dB whisper,
_________________ dB people talking, 80 dB ________________________
100 dB _____________________, _____________________ dB Firecrackers
Dispersion is the spreading out of energy
Turn & Talk
CFU: Give…
 1 example of when sound has a dispersion that is often times thought of being
spread near; A PERSON WISHPERING and
 1 example of when a sound has a dispersion that is often times thought of being
Sound Guided Notes
Is there sound in space?
Space is a _____________________________, which means ______________________________ space or very
few particles. ______________________________ have to travel through ___________________________ in
order to make a sound. In space there is no ‘_________________________’ or _______________________
for the wave to _____________________________, thus no __________________________ can be produced.
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How do we produce sound?
We use our __________________________ in our body like our ____________________________ to push air up from our
_____________________ into a narrow passage (___________________) then through the _______________________ which
include the _________________ ______________________ in them. Vocal cords are actually
_____________________________! Our body forces air past the ________________________________________,
which causes them to _____________________________________!
Have you ever taken a blade of
grass and pinched it tight between
your fingers and blown air past it
to make a loud noise? That is similar
to how vocal folds work.
This entire structure to the right is the _________________________,
but the white bands are the actually the ______________ ___________.
Everyone’s folds a slightly _______________________, which is why
Sound Guided Notes
we have different voices. (Shape changes ____________________.)
The _____________________________ of air causes them to
That action produces __________________________________ waves!
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How do our ears hear sound waves?
Vibrations travel through the
___________________ __________________________
Then the sound waves vibrate the
which moves the _________________ bones in the ear called hammer, anvil, and ________________________________
The eardrum vibrating causes the three bones in the ear to _____________________________________,
which is detected by the ________________________________________________.
The ____________________________________ has millions of little _____________________________ inside ear fluid the
move with the vibrations, then nerves send ___________________________ for the brain to _________________________.
What affects the speed of sound?
________________________________________ and_____________________________________________ affects the speed of sound.
Sound Guided Notes
Page 3
Speed of Sound in Different Mediums
If the mediums are all 20 degree C then the following is true . . .
In Air-Gas sound waves travel at __________________________ m/s, In Water-Liquid __________________________ m/s,
In Steel-Solid _____________________________ m/s
In order for particles to vitiate in a wave, one particle must then ___________________________ the next particle
to pass on the ________________________ and continue the wave. There is not as much ___________________________
between particles in a ________________________ so the vibration wave would move _________________________. In
a _______________________________ there is a lot more __________________________ in between so the particle would
take ________________________________________ to hit the next. Think of it like the spacing of
Speed of Sound in Different Temperatures
If you are in the desert and in it 115 degrees F sound will travel ______________________________________________,
then if you are in the ________________________________________________ and it is -20 degrees F!
Why? At ______________________________________ temperatures particles faster. So if sound waves push against
the already fast moving particles, then it will ___________________________________________ pass through and
vibrate the already fast moving particles.
What Affects the Speed of Sound?
Would sound travel faster in cold air or hot air if the humidity was the same? Why?
Sound Guided Notes
Would sound travel faster through water or bricks? Why?
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A given number of ____________________________ in specific amount of __________________________, which
determines the ______________________________________________. The ___________________________________ is a
characteristic of high and low sounds. Frequency is measured in ______________________________________.
The Doppler Effect
The Doppler Effect is a change in the perceived
__________________________________ when the source of the
noise is _____________________________________________.
So to further explain: All waves, light and sound, travel _______________________________ from the source, but
when the source is ___________________________________________the waves get _____________________________________
closed together making a ________________________________________ frequency/pitch and the waves trailing
behind become spread out making a ________________________________________________ pitch/frequency.
Amplitude determines __________________________________, which is just how ____________________________ sound is.
Intensity or amplitude of sound is measured in ________________________________________________ (dB).
Wave Types
_______________________________________________ waves compress-Draw Pic =>
______________________________________________ waves move up and down-Pic=>
What is an echo?
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