Curriculum Support for Journey to Careers (1)

Curriculum Support for Journey to Careers
Journey to Careers is an important elective for 8th graders. It helps assist them in planning for their 5
year graduation plan. The primary framework for JTC is provided through LDOE and we supplement
the course with the resources below:
Curriculum resources for JTC:
State Framework
Log into Blackboard from the Tangischools homepage (the login is the same one you use to log
into the computer). Click TPSS Resources and then on the left click the Career and Technical
link. This will bring you to information on the framework and Kuder Navigator instructions for
when the site is active. I can also print the framework or email to you if requested.
Kuder Navigator - http://kudernavigator.com/
Kuder Navigator is a career planning program. All 8-12th graders in our district have their own
login to take three assessments on possible careers, work values, and interests. The site also
allows for career exploration and college/financial information. The district also purchases the
teacher curriculum from Kuder that provides PowerPoints and activities that students can
complete in Kuder Navigator. This does not become active until student enrollment settles for
us to roll up, which will happen the 1st week in September. I will send you information to
create a login and student login format.
Edgenuity (teacher use only)
Edgenuity (our credit recovery program) has an online support feature for teachers. We do not
allow the enrollment of 8th graders in the online program, but the teachers can pull content and
activities for instructional use. You can email Sharon Spring at
sharon.spring@tangischools.org for a login.
 LDOE- Jumpstart link
Recently the State Department added some course content that another region is utilizing and
put it on the Jump Start link below: http://www.louisianabelieves.com/courses/all-things-jumpstart/new-generation-career-readiness-resources
As you can see, Journey to Careers is very flexible as far as how you set up the career discovery
process. In addition to these resources, there is ample time for guest speakers or virtual field trips
utilizing Nepris. We will hold a ½ day training in September on Kuder Navigator and Nepris (I will
purchase this license for your use). I will also send out emails when videos are posted on TOPS
University and TOPS Tech which our students watch in the spring to help them fill out their IGP.
Thank you for teaching JTC and please call me if I can be of any assistance.