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It's an odd match-up, we know. The all-out Samsung flagship Galaxy Note10+ vs. what is a decidedly midrange
option in the Xiaomi Mi Note10. But they do both have Note and 10 in their names, so why not?
Just kidding, of course. The obvious naming similarity has nothing to do with the reason we're comparing these two.
You see, the Galaxy S11 that's due in a couple of months (or S20, who knows) will reportedly have a 108MP camera
as part of its multi-module setup, and we're eager to find out if the jump in resolution is something to look forward
to or whether the good old 12MP camera is well... good enough.
The jump in the native resolution of the sensor makes this sound like an enormous jump in camera technology. And
the prospects for the future of mobile photography are amazing. But what if we don't think about the future but
focus on the present instead?
Is a 108MP camera really nine times better than a 12MP one as the numbers will have you believe?