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4 Types of Sentences

4 Types of Sentences:
 Declarative – A declarative sentence is
a statement that tells about something.
A declarative sentence ends with a
Ex. I love to eat out at restaurants.
Ex. He is wearing a blue shirt.
 Interrogative – An interrogative
sentence asks a question. An
interrogative sentence ends with a
question mark.
Ex. Did you study for your spelling test?
Ex. Can I go to Susie’s house to play?
 Imperative – An imperative sentence is
a command telling you to do something.
An imperative sentence ends with a
Ex. Make sure to write your book in your planner.
Ex. Clean your room before dinner.
 Exclamatory – An exclamatory sentence
shows strong feelings. An exclamatory
sentence ends with an exclamation point.
Ex. There’s a snake in my shoe!
Ex. Wow, that car almost hit us!