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Egypt Map Worksheet

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Ancient Egypt Map Assignment
Complete the attached map and the questions below to learn more about Egypt. You can
use an atlas or other resources found on the internet.
Make a Map
Follow the instructions to draw and label a map of Ancient Egypt.
1. Label and color blue the Nile River.
2. Label the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
3. Lightly shade green all of the “fertile area” in Ancient Egypt.
4. Put a star on the location of the city of Thebes and label it.
5. Label and put dots at the locations of the cities Memphis, Giza, Aswan,
Elephantine, Abydos, and Heliopolis.
6. Label the areas of Upper Egypt, Lower Egypt, Nubia, the Nile Delta, Western
Desert, and Eastern Desert.
7. Draw a compass rose.
8. Describe the relative location of ancient Egypt to ancient Mesopotamia.
9. How might the two civilizations relationship with rivers be the same? Different?
10. How is the surrounding land different between ancient Mesopotamia and ancient
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