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ESP Chapter 5

Winalyn Balao
Aiza R. Pasion
Jackielen Romero
“Language Issues
in ESP”
• Very often ESP and more specifically EAP approaches
have been attacked for their seeming lack of focus on
grammatical accuracy.
• ESP approaches also often employ models of task-based
• An ESP teacher can directly confront grammatical
accuracy in the classroom, but rather than wasting time
on this they often just use the materials and the output
to do this for them. In these approaches students learn
by doing.
• Grammatical accuracy within ESP approaches as
well is dealt with not as a separate entity but
something which is naturally part of language
itself. This viewpoint falls within this discourse
analysis type of view of language.
• There is no inherent lack of focus on grammar in
ESP approaches, but grammar will always be dealt
with in the varying contexts of language use.
Logical connectors (Discourse
• Like grammar vocabulary is dealt with in the context of
the situation in the ESP approaches, it should also be
clear that, from the discourse analysis perspective, there
is a very close link between grammar and vocabulary in
that how a word is used is part of grammar.
• Central to the issue of vocabulary in ESP is the
subject/content/theme that is being dealt with as well as
the ways/situations in which people involved in/with
such subjects/content areas/themes often find themselves
Some specific aspects of vocabulary which are
deemed as being particularly relevant
for ESP approaches
• Situational, semantic sets
• Collocations
• Lexical phrases
Technical vocabulary - is
part of the carrier content. It sets a context
and may help us to figure out how the core
vocabulary is used.
Discourse analysis is the generic name applied to a
variety of different approaches which are all involved in
analyzing how texts, both written and spoken are
structured or organized.
 Genre analysis, more specifically, looks at structural
and organizational differences among texts created for
different genres.
It is the goal of ESP practitioner to get the students to
identify these patterns within the field that they are
trying to develop skills.
• Dudley-Evans, T. and M.
St. John. (1998).
Developments in English
for specific purposes.
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