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Non-territorial identities

Humanity, Religion, Class, Gender, Race, Youth & Sexual
Non-territorial identity: the aspects of being that are not
bound to the territorial location. (Transplanetary Identities)
Since when did the non-territorial identities exist?
E.g.: faith: the religious faith, the age: teenagers, elders, or the
gender: women or men.
Non-territorial affiliations existed prior to contemporary large-scale
globalization, e.g. world religion.
Supraterritorial affiliations now touch more people more
regularly and more intensely than ever.
Anthony Giddens: ‘humankind in some
Environment: Transworld associations and
Global Relief Campaigns:
respects becomes a “we”, facing problems
and opportunities where there are no
campaigns: Greenpeace, World Wildlife Funds
Humanitarian relief or aids: famines,
epidemics, and natural disasters.
Global mass media: ask for donation to
provide emergency relief.
Humanitarian interventions: genocide,
crimes against humanity.
Philosopher, Peter Singer: ‘it makes no moral
different whether the person I help is a
neighbor’s child ten yards from me or a
Bengali whose name I shall never know, ten
thousand miles away’
Substantial Peace Movements:
Protest against war and militarization, e.g.
Transworld campaigns against nuclear
weapons since 1950s. (small scale)
• 15 Feb 2003: campaign against US-led
military invasion of Iraq (30 million people
from 60 countries)
(CONT. )
Transworld Humanity on Development:
Substantial Transworld Human Rights
Regime: Universal Declaration of Human
everyone should benefit from certain
economic, political, cultural and ecological
standards of living.
Rights (UDHR); Geneva Convention;
International Covenant on Civil and Political
Rights (ICCPR); International Covenant on
Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
The Core Tenets are in principle nonterritorial:
‘They can be embraced and practiced
anywhere on earth’.
Co-religionists have greater direct
contact with one another as of the
facilitation from modern technologies.
E.g.: global openness to allow idea of
Transworld umma of Muslim (hijab).
Aeroplanes have drawn haji from
everywhere (the Muslim’s ritual in Mecca,
Saudi Arabi); the number has increased
from 100 000 to over 2 000 000 recently.
Religious websites and organizations:
organization of the Islamic Conference
(OIC), the International Islamic News
The creation of Universal Islamic Declaration
on Human Rights…