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Market Opportunity Analysis

Empowering Research
And Analysis
Market Opportunity Analysis
What is it?
Market Opportunity Analysis is a strategic planning tool that provides foundation executives, staff
and board members with deeper understanding of their communities and the opportunities for
strengthening community‐based philanthropy. These powerful research tools will help community
foundations take data driven decision making to a whole new level—providing insight into 1)
philanthropic give‐back capacity; 2) the non‐profit landscape, 3) the cultivation of future foundation
volunteers and board members; and 4) donor profiling and analysis that will help define the
community foundation’s next generation of donors.
What value can it provide?
The analysis combines primary (internal) and secondary (external) data to generate new and valuable
insights that will help define the foundation’s strategy and support the resource allocation decisions
needed to implement this strategy. This research provides critical information to the foundation at
the neighborhood level, based on its unique demographic, economic, social and donor
characteristics. This deeper understanding of the service area can help the foundation target its
activities, whether recruiting new board members and volunteers or delivering compelling and
tailored messages about the power of giving back.
How can you realize this value?
Our experience suggests that the Market Opportunity Analysis is most effective when used by a
foundation as a strategic planning tool to provide deeper understanding about a specific community.
New generation TOW research is helping foundations and communities better identify and
understand where giveback, donor and volunteer potential might be the highest. By
understanding these factors, community foundations can develop data driven strategies for growth
and success.
What does it cost?
The cost of this study varies by the level of engagement requested. A study with more limited
electronic engagement and no travel can cost as little as $5,000. A study involving greater
engagement including in‐person presentations can cost up to $20,000. We are happy to talk through
your aspirations and customize a proposal that fits your needs and budget.
Who is already using these resources?
We are market testing this analysis with some of our community foundation partners to supplement
their Transfer of Wealth analysis and to support more sophisticated donor identification and
For More Information
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